Evil U.K. Judge helps incompetent doctors bury their incompetence – six feet under

April 11, 2017, by Suzanne

In a shocking act of pure cruelty, knifing loving parents while sneeringly praising them for their “devotion” to their infant son, a “Mr. Justice Francis” of the U.K. high court has ruled the NHS doctors of the “Great Ormond Street Hospital” can prematurely suffocate their baby to death, rather than allow his parents to take him to America for the chance at treatment that might or might not help him, despite them having already raised the funds to do so.

So many of the comments on the article just call it “sad”, as if it can’t be helped.  No, the word for this isn’t “sad”.  The word for this is pure EVIL.   All of life is “prolonging the process of dying”.  Eating dinner is “prolonging the process of dying”.  What’s a ventilator for if not to help someone breathe.  Lots of people live for years on ventilators.  That’s what they’re for.  Look at Christopher Reeve.  Look at Stephen Hawking.   And these EVIL doctors and EVIL judge are going to rip this baby’s ventilator right out of his throat?  And then gloat and sneer at those “poor pathetic misguidedly devoted parents”.   Oh no, “WE know what’s in Charlie’s best interests better than his parents do.   We with degrees and authoritative white coats and black robes, and filthy stone hearts in our chests.”

In reality, this is EVIL.  They inflict trauma for sport.   For the POWAHHHH.  What’s it to them if Charlie lives a few more years with somebody else’s support.   Like the Jahi McMath case, what this is really about is a few incompetent doctors not wanting to be shown up by more competent doctors elsewhere, so they petition the court to bury the evidence of their own incompetence – SIX FEET UNDER.  This is what the rot of TYRANNY smells like, but our British cousins are so steeped in it, they don’t even recognize it anymore.











@ScottMGreer, Trump Keeping Campaign Promise to Destroy ISIS in Syria

April 9, 2017, by Suzanne

The Daily Caller has published an opinion piece that is extremely misguided:

“Trump Betrays ‘America First’ Message With Syrian Strike”, by Deputy Editor Scott Greer

Scott Greer, according to the Daily Caller itself – Assad says the chemical weapons used on his people last week were not his. If we are to believe him, then they belonged to ISIS, which we know has been founded, funded, and armed by Obama, the very situation Trump mentioned many times in his campaign speeches. He repeatedly made the campaign promise to “take out ISIS”. But now that he’s president, did you think he was going admit to the world that the U.S. was responsible for gassing babies? Or that he was set up by Obama?

No matter whose chemical weapons they were, even if (or rather, even though) they were our own, what Trump bombed was the weapons themselves so they cannot be used again. The only people killed (“up to 15”, which means zero), were the people guarding the chemical weapons stockpile.

So whether they were Assad’s people or our own rogue agencies, WHO CARES?

Trump did the RIGHT THING, and by hitting ISIS, he was merely keeping his campaign promise.


Update 04/10/2017 – Now that we have the update that the U.S. is actually sending troops of boots on the ground into Syria, which is sending the pro-WWIII Leftist press & warmonger generals into peals of glee, what I predict they are going to find themselves doing is not fighting the Syrian army, but putting down what is left of Obama’s ISIS after the air base was taken out.

AND THEN – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will find themselves building the first of the Syrian Refugee Safe Zones Trump campaigned on and promised — right on that (now former) air base.   Why not?  It’s already got the plumbing and electricity infrastructure connections running to it.

Trump the Builder is thinking ahead!!

University of Arizona @UofA makes laughing stock of itself with new speech code, “oops/ouch” infantalizing hypermanagement of student speech

March 26, 2017, by Suzanne

I’m sooooo ashamed of my alma mater, the University of Arizona, making such a laughing stock of itself imposing a new infantile speech code that even the Canadians are laughing, when Canada’s own parliament has just passed a “motion” implementing Islamic Sharia anti-“blasphemy” speech code laws nation wide.

This new Univ. of Arizona “diversity handbook”, (archived here), wastes no time opening right up on the first page with a bulleted list of several bigoted (racist, sexist, Christophobic, & heterophobic) assumptions & assignations to the student body.

It seems highly unlikely that any of the campus minorities ever asked to have their concerns so trivialized and mocked with instructions for saying “Ouch” and “Oops”.

But we should acknowledge that historically there has been quite a bit of intentionally anti-Christian malice involved in the U of A’s campus scheduling for decades, going way back to even when I was a student there, particularly consistently squatting a raucous carnival named “Spring Fling” on Good Friday (a rather somber annual observance) every year, for many years running. There is/was no need or purpose for the U of A to specifically chase and target that widely floating date every year, other than the macro-aggression of intentionally insulting and spitting on the U of A’s Christian population, in the name of imposing their imaginary mandated secular (read: atheistic hate) religion.

It’s not as if Good Friday were some obscure minority observance from halfway around the world. To this day, most Americans still identify as Christian. If the U of A is willing to work with a small minority of men identifying as women, and women identifying as men, the U of A should be willing to work with the throngs of majority students identifying as Christians.  Not ignore or trivialize their concerns with instructions for issuing an infantile “Ouch”.  And “Oops” only counts for mistakes. I for one never asked the U of A administration for an apology over their “Spring Fling” scheduling garbage. One expects habitual kneejerk micro-aggressions, as well as carefully planned macro-aggressions, from sneering bigots in positions of power. Requesting an apology with an “ouch” only gives the bigots further opportunity to spit on you again by refusing you so much as an “oops”.

Don’t believe me about the U of A’s once imposed, now ingrained, anti-Christian culture? Try merely saying a benevolent “Bless you” after someone sneezes in a U of A classroom. You’ll be glared down by the professor, of not openly “corrected”. What then if if both students (the sneezer and the blesser) stand up and declare “Ouch!” at the professor?  Would the 20 page rule book meant for everybody else then apply to the elites?

I wouldn’t count on it.   “Oops” is for mistakes.




Sean Hannity & Juan Williams, talking heads at FoxNews

@SeanHannity & @TheJuanWilliams, Did @FoxNews itself plant that fake gun pointing story with @CNN?

March 17, 2017, by Suzanne

Re: Very Fake News: Juan Williams Slams CNN Report Claiming Sean Hannity ‘Pulled Gun’ on Him After ‘Argument’

Sean Hannity & Juan Williams, talking heads at FoxNews

Very Fake News: Juan Williams Slams CNN Report Claiming Sean Hannity ‘Pulled Gun’ on Him After ‘Argument’

Afterall, CNN’s pretty cocky with its claim of having three, count’em 3, FoxNews insider sources!

Hannity is one of the very few talking heads left at FoxNews with any integrity.  FoxNews certainly clung to presstitute Megyn Kelly’s black leather miniskirts way too long, despite the public’s outrage, so we know where their principals really lie.

No, my money’s on FoxNews having planted this story itself with CNN, looking to start ginning up a fake “public drumbeat” to edge Hannity out the door. If so, we’ll see these hits of made-up-crap on him continue and escalate.  Why?

  • Gov. Cuomo has already stated that “There is no place for pro-life conservatives in ‘his’ state”.
  • The NY Legislature currently has a free speech suppression bill (SB 4561) pending.
  • Hillary is gearing up to run for mayor of NYC where FoxNews is based, and she has promised (given the chance) to shut down muckraking news.

You think FoxNews isn’t covering its future ass? There is no way this was not a multi-pronged coordinated hit piece.

Hannity keeps saying he’s moving his operation to Texas, one of the most corrupt states, but waaaaay down the scale from NY, and Texas is where Glen Beck and Alex Jones are able to operate without the governor & legislature spitting on them.

Hope your bags are finally packed, Sean.




@CBSMiami & writer Jim @DeFede become accessories after the fact in murder attempt on @RogerJStoneJr

March 15, 2017, by Suzanne

In an article today full of open lies and innuendo, CBS Miami and writer Jim DeFede attempt to cast doubt that a major crime, attempted murder, even occurred, and have published known falsehoods as to the possible motive for that same (we are to believe ‘non-existent’) crime.

Trump Advisor Claims Hit & Run “Could Be” Russian Hacking Scandal Retaliation
March 15, 2017 4:00 PM By Jim DeFede

(Article you are reading still stands, but then see note below.)

Number one, former Trump adviser, Roger Stone, who today survived a second murder attempt on his life shortly before he’s scheduled to testify before congress , made no such claim.  According to CBS Miami:

Asked if he thought the accident was tied to the Russian hacking scandal, Stone said: “It certainly could be.”

Meaning CBS Miami asked specifically those words, and since Mr. Stone didn’t know, and couldn’t know, who had actually tried to kill him again, he admitted it could be anybody.  This is not the same as “making a claim”.

CBS Miami, This is why people turn to the alt-media. You (and the MSM in general) cannot continue to lie to the public and assume you won’t be caught. You will be caught. You cannot make flat statements that Paul Manafort had any dealings with “the Russians”, when the public already knows that Paul Manafort’s business dealings were with the Ukraine, and not with Russia at all. CBS Miami cannot say to itself, “Well, now that Russia has annexed part of the Ukraine (Crimea), we can just conflate Ukraine & Russia and the public will never be the wiser.” Yes, we the public ARE the wiser. Paul Manafort’s dealings with Ukraine ended in 2012, and Russia didn’t annex part of Ukraine until 2014. So CBS Miami’s lie is a LIE.

Nor do you get off nefariously casting doubt on Roger Stone’s report of a 2nd attempt on his life. You couldn’t be bothered waiting for the police report. In fact, you made sure you rushed to publish before acquiring the police report, so you could cast aspersions with impunity. This is because CBS Miami knows that many many people, including outspoken people in the MSM itself, have called for Trump’s own assassination. So there can be no doubt many many people would want Trump’s friends dead, too. But you wanted to pretend as if they (and you?) didn’t want them dead. FAIL.

What do you take your readers for?

You have been caught in attempting to obfuscate the facts of an attempted murder, which makes you, CBS Miami and writer Jim DeFede, accessories after the fact.

The “failing CBS Miami” is contributing to its own demise, and we just watch and say, “HAHAHAHAHA……..”




Update: 3/16/2017

In an amazing stunner, CBS Miami and writer Jim DeFede have drastically rewritten the article I linked to above, just a few short hours after I called them out on their smarmy deceitful writing. After claiming in the original 4:00pm version of their article that there was “no statement from the BSO” much less a “report”, (the viewer was left to guess what “BSO” stood for – and not being a Floridian, I had to guess they meant some sheriffs’ office in some county starting with a “B”), the vacuum made by said lack of an immediate statement CBS Miami and Mr. DeFede rushed to fill to use to their advantage, to smear Mr. Stone with innuendo, strongly suggesting that he had made up the entire incident.

In fact, it was very clear that CBS Miami and Mr. DeFede were working so hard to smear Mr. Stone, that they used the trick of intentionally publishing in such a hurry so as to ‘plausibly’ leave out facts they knew would soon come out. It was all in order to ‘put the innuendoes out there’, so that at least some of the public would read the early innuendoes, and then never return to read the full updates and get the full story, where once facts were provided, innuendoes would no longer fit. This was an amazing effort indeed, to jam as many innuendoes as they could out into the national consciousness.

However, CBS Miami/Mr. DeFede made one big mistake, and that was rather than get it right and complete, they didn’t even publish those details they did have, at the original time of publication, such as the definition of “BSO”, and the full quote from Roger Stone, which still was merely a response to their own prompting question. Mr. Stone’s 2nd paragraph they only felt compelled to publish later, after I pointed out to them they were only publishing their own words in questioning Mr. Stone, in order to justify their outrageously smarmy headline. Without prompting from the reporter on the ground, Mr. Stone likely never would have made any “claims” as to motive at all. He was still in shock over the 2nd attempt on his life.

So, a more journalistically correct headline would have been “Trump Adviser Survives T-Bone Hit & Run” or even “Trump Advisor Suspects Murder Attempt in T-Bone Hit & Run“.

But by CBS Miami a) rushing to publish innuendo over facts on a car wreck in a town in another county 90 minutes away from Miami, b) sticking to their guns using the word “claims” in the headline, and c) using the incident to push the long discredited “Russian Hacking” narrative (see Wikileaks), we see what the true agenda of CBS Miami and Mr. Jim DeFede really are.

LIES. FAKE NEWS. And acting as accessories after the fact in an Attempted Murder.

What filth you people are.

The big takeaway I have from this incident is that I have now discovered a wonderful service for future use, that takes an instant linkable & time stamped snapshot archive of any smarmy article like yours I find in the future, to preserve forever for all to see, the lies, Fake News, and Innuendo being made by shady people who would have us call them respectable “journalists”. Ptooey. They are not. CBS Miami and Jim DeFede, that means you, and I will catch you the next time you try it. Then I will retain and offer the evidence to your victims to use against you in court. You filthy accessories to Attempted Murder. There’s a hot place in hell for you.



@FoxNews is making a Jerry Springer out of @TuckerCarlson

March 11, 2017, by Suzanne

Tarker Carlson plays Jerry Springer w/ insane guest
At 4:39, Jehmu Greene insanely accuses Tucker Carlson of ‘oppressing her vagina’.

I am convinced that FoxNews wants to commit suicide by putting insane people on to fill the airways.  The pro-abortion world view is not sane or legitimate, and should stop getting continual air time.  FoxNews is not just doing this to “expose their insanity”.  FoxNews is just playing the Jerry Springer “dump the insane asylum into your livingroom for entertainment” ratings game.

I feel very bad for Tucker Carlson, who is a real thinker, as you’ll see if you search up his speeches on YouTube. But his career is going to be destroyed as they make a Jerry Springer out of him.

“Tucker Carlson EPIC IAFF Speech: Dc’s Hate For President Trump & Q & A 3/6/17”

You deserve so much better from FoxNews, Tucker Carlson.




President @realDonaldTrump, Don’t take advice from would-be child abuser DHS Secretary Kelly

March 8, 2017, by Suzanne
DHS Secretary John F. Kelly w/ President Donald Trump

DHS Secretary John F. Kelly w/ President Trump

WashingtonTimes: DHS proposes separating illegal immigrant mothers, children caught sneaking across border

OMG, Reign him in, President Trump!  Smack General Secretary Kelly upside the head!  You’re a family man, but this jackboot guy, despite having children of his own, obviously is not!  (I’d bet money his own children hate him!)

This is just cruelty for the sake of cruelty, completely unnecessarily abusing children, just for the hell of it, when better answers are available!   Maybe parents smuggling their children into the U.S. illegally would deserve this, for committing this crime against their own children, but young children will never understand being confiscated by DHS as anything other than cruelty for the sake of cruelty.  Trauma for the sake of more trauma, of little children.  Sound familiar?   (Think #pizzagate, #pedogate.)

For sure, the childcare requirements would force DHS to involve every state’s CPS, who all get special grants from the Feds to sell children into the DC government pedophile ring, run by the Clintons, the Predator Podesta Brothers, and Barry & Michael Obama.

No, we don’t need to expand DHS into additional predator activity such as child trafficking, in addition to their their standard airport gate rapes, under their TSA.

No, we don’t need to re-victimize these children.

The correct answer is to just station new special Border Judges at every Border Patrol Station (at least until the wall is built), to adjudicate immediate deportation as soon as these people arrive, and to make deals with Mexico & Central American governments to just run a constant return train up and down their countries, to just throw these fish back, and immediately turn these victim children, and their criminal parents, right around and send back to where they came from.

That is by far the quickest, kindest, & therefore correct, way to deal with this.   Then it’s up to their home countries to prosecute them for abusing their own children.







Q: Why DO the self-appointed elites defy the will of the people?

March 4, 2017, by Suzanne

If you haven’t lived a Godly life, when you have all the money you can possibly want, the only thing left to seek is power. THAT is why.  The will of the people be damned. The elites all want to sit on the top of the heap deciding who among the “little” people get to live or die. The power of bloodlust is sooo intoxicating to them. That’s why they’re pushing so heavy on selling depopulation. They just want the sport of killing. Believe me, for every baby the elites kill remotely with vaccines, they get a special thrill up their leg. Even now the Pope pushing depopulation. (And I’m a Catholic. We know Jesus has to come again ~real~ soon.)

But you know what the ultimate goal of evil is? It’s not just committing evil against you, but getting you to commit evil too. That’s why getting other people to have abortions is a higher initiation sacrament to them than merely tricking other people into killing their own babies with vaccines. Evil wants you to join it intentionally, and become a predator, too, destroying your own soul. That is the ~ultimate~ power for the evil elites. That’s bigger than killing you.

You know they had already begun the campaign to normalize predatory pedophilia before the election. But I hazard a guess that normalizing pedophilia might be the real reason they’re trying to Islamify the country, because Islam normalizes pedophilia, with its child brides and worship of their Pedophile Prophet.

BTW – They overplayed their hand and Slate has now scrubbed its pre-election pre-pizzagate-public-awareness pro-pedophilia articles, but Salon has notA DHS insider leaked to Victurus Libertas that there will be big name pedophile arrests soon, that Anthony Wiener is singing like a bird. Well it had better be VERY soon, for the perpetrators’ own safety. The rage in American parents is reaching the boiling point.

Well, I’m ranting….





The Pope’s Superbowl Insult to Americans! Speaks language we don’t know!

February 5, 2017, by Suzanne

Oh, yeah, Papa Francis? Whatever you said to us American’s, I don’t know, because at least 75% of Americans, including myself, DON’T SPEAK SPANISH.

What an insult you’ve dished us. What continuous insults you keep dishing Americans and American Christians, including us American Catholics.

When you came to visit the United States a little over a year ago, you thought you were going to spit in our faces then and say the giant D.C. Mass in Spanish, but your own Cardinals had to twist your arm and say, “No, according to Vatican II rules, it’s going to be in the local Vernacular”, which in the U.S. is ENGLISH.

And now you do this. You just can’t stop spitting on the vast majority of Americans.   I don’t care how bad your own English is.   You’re the POPE!   For a message that short, use cue cards!

So let me be the first to answer your incomprehensible Spanish message, and return your anti-American BIGOTRY.

BOO!!!!!   BOO!!!!!   BOO!!!!!





What’s Left of the Left? An open letter to H.A. Goodman.

February 3, 2017, by Suzanne

Hi H. A., I like your channel because you are right to be asking the left to articulate policy positions rather than just spend all their time Trump bashing. But the only problem is, the left doesn’t have any policy positions but ONE.

Rush Limbaugh stated it clearly. To the Left, Abortion has been elevated to the level of high religious sacrament. Lena Dunham stated it best when she said, “I’ve never had an abortion, but I wish I had.” (WTF is THAT?) We saw clearly (if you watched Real News), that all the baby-loving pro-life women were forcefully ejected from the Women’s March the day after the inauguration. They had to come back and march in their millions the following week. The Left considers pro-life women “Deplorable”.

So with nothing left of the Democrat party but bulge-eyed baby-haters, who ran an openly criminal multi-abortive high priestess candidate for president, all ordinary self-respecting family-oriented Americans have fled the Democrat party.

As did Donald Trump a few years ago.

THAT’S how Donald Trump won.

He TOOK the remnants of the Democrat party WITH him!

Even you, H.A., left the Democrat party by voting for Jill Stein.

There’s nothing left of the Left now, but a floundering hollow shell, and boy is it ANGRY!

So with nothing left of the Democrat party but baby-hating criminals, I think it’s time we just let the Democrat party rot on the garbage heap of history, and just let the obviously fracturing Republican Left & Right Party fracture into replacing the American Two Party system.

All that’s left to do is pick a name. But pro-lifers are good at that.