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How Tom Arnold faked his video

December 21, 2016, by Suzanne

It’d be laughable if it wasn’t so sick. The MSM is drum beating has-been Tom Arnold’s claim that he has video of Trump saying racist/abusive things. If Tom Arnold has such a video, it’s only because he forged it for his cocktail party friends. Remember JFK in Forest Gump, folks? This is how they did it.

Movie software to make anyone say anything:

The public already knows Trump ain’t that kinda guy.

But now we also know that Tom Arnold is.




Sex Robots are Degrading, and part of the Depopulation Agenda

December 20, 2016, by Suzanne
Giant Trash-Barbie Sex Robot

Giant Trash-Barbie Sex Robot

Re: “Sex will be just for special occasions in the future as robots will satisfy everyday needs”

So love is not an every day need?  The filthy media hype and sales pitch of “sex with robots” continues, but then they gleefully hide the truth in plain site, even right in the headline.  Ordinary man-woman sex are to be legally banned.  And God, no marriage licenses, will be allowed.  The NWO self-appointed-elite (that means you’re just a farm animal to them) have been working so hard to dismantle the whole institution and custom of marriage, they gotta find a way to sell it.  Here!  Have a filthy robot you’ll have to hose down every time you use it.

Georgia Guidestones 1st Commandment - Depopulation of the earty by over 90%

NWO Depopulation Agenda carved into stone in Stonehenge-like “Georgia Guidstones” monument near Atlanta, GA, home of the CDC.

So here is the truth.  The U.N./NWO arrogant-elite can’t talk us into depopulating fast enough for their tastes.  We just won’t stop copulating and having children, even though they’ve been selling contraception and abortion for people to just use each other and kill their children for the better part of a century now.  They’ve even tried massive lab-created horror diseases trying to wipe out whole countries that somehow just refuse to spread.  They even try vaccinating other people’s babies to death by ever increasing the number of “required” infant vaccines, despite that our own publishes (or perhaps because they do publish it), that the more vaccines you give a baby under 1 year old, the more likely he/she is to die of SIDS.

But we, their “herd”, just won’t die fast enough.  We just won’t stop exhaling our carbon-dioxide on “their” planet.   They just can’t stop the urge to procreate.   So they’ll try to slip us ever more dummies/pacifiers/binkies.

So the article goes on, you won’t have to be bothered with “real sex” anymore.  (‘Marriage? what marriage? Love? You all know that’s a joke.’)   No no, “real sex” between actual human beings will just be for “special occasions”.    So WTF does that mean?

Just what special occasions would that be, hmmm?  Government regulated baby-conception for which you will need a license from the NWO world-communist government jackboot elite?  If you conceive without a “special-occasion license”, will you be subjected to a vicious China-style forced abortion?  Will your unborn baby be forced onto the organ-donation black market?  Will you be targeted for sterilization yourself for not adhering to the “special license” “special occasion” prerequisite, and seeking a normal married relationship?

Lotsa luck with all that, creeps.

Sex robots are degrading.  Sex robots are for losers.




Hillary’s False Flag Internet Outage, WW III has begun

October 21, 2016, by Suzanne
Map of U.S. cities struck by Hillary Clinton's & Barack Obama's false-flag Internet Outages, 10-21-2016

Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama strike U.S. cities with false-flag internet outages, Oct. 21, 2016

So the war has started. Please do not believe for a moment that the Internet outages afflicting major cities of the U.S. and parts of Europe today are anyone but Hillary Clinton’s doing, (with help from Obama himself). I promise you, by the evening news tonight, they will both be raising the false flag of blaming the Russians, who have absolutely nothing to do with any of this. The Russians would have nothing to gain by it. Hillary, on the other hand, who is known for her raging temper tantrums – (and is known to have personally ordered the execution of Gaddafi merely over a petty personal vendetta, – because Gaddafi had supported Obama rather than Clinton during the American 2008 primary election season) – is completely behind it. It’s her pattern.

After the brutal back to back nights of the final presidential debate Wednesday night, and the millionaires/billionaires-only NY Diocese Catholic Charities “Al Smith” dinner Thursday night, in which Hillary was completely humiliated both nights, she just can’t take it anymore and has mentally melted down. This “Al Smith” dinner is where presidential candidates traditionally “roast” (that means tell jokes about) each other, but on both nights Trump called her the criminal that she is, and even on Thursday night, right in front of her face, he reminded the Cardinals and Bishops that Wikileaks has revealed how much Hillary Clinton personally “hates Catholics”. They weren’t laughing so much after that. Their eyes were popping out of their heads. Because they knew it was completely true. Wikileaks had spilled it days before, and NY Cardinal Dolan himself had even called on her to apologize for her anti-Catholic campaign team just one day before the dinner. So this internet outage is nothing but a Hillary tantrum on a world scale, to take down Twitter, which Trump uses so much, and whatever else happens to go down with it.

All year Trump has been bypassing the Main Stream Media’s filthy lies about “what a racist or sexist he is”, by going straight to the public via Twitter, Facebook, and his own website. Early today, before the outage, Trump announced on Twitter that if elected, he will appoint a particular legal expert and Congressman, who has been very vocal about Hillary’s crimes also, as his Attorney General (see footnote) (There is an abundance of evidence, so that means she will be going to prison, if she escapes the death sentence for espionage.)

So make no mistake. If she can bomb Libya and murder Gaddafi over a minor personal snit, there is nothing she won’t do now to shut Donald Trump up, including taking down all of Twitter for millions and millions of people. It’s her pattern.

The American people are too smart for this garbage anymore.

Obama has been waging economic war against the American people for 8 years now, and he thought he was going to just hand it off to Hillary to continue the war against us, on behalf of their mutual bankster masters who are desperate to usher in the New World Tyranny Order before it gets away from them, while Obama ascends to the throne of U.N. Secretary General. And well, it’s just not going so well for either Obama or Hillary. After this low-class low-tech DDOS attack (totally beneath the Russians but not beneath Hillary & Obama), they are both going to prison. Just watch it unfold over the next year.

Trump is aware that this is a civil war. So are Americans. Thank God that so far it is without bullets. But we are done with using a “nice tone”. Our enemies certainly don’t, calling us “racists”, “sexists”, and all kinds of other names used against Americans. For decades the sneering elite have depended on being able to knife their prey with a smile, while depending on their prey’s “good nature” to not have the nerve to fight back.

And now we are very late and it’s life or death for the U.S., so we are finally fighting back. We won’t go down with the TPP & TTIP. God bless & protect Donald Trump.

1st Presidential Debate, Sep 26, 2016 (~90 minutes)
(Trump is way too timid)

2nd Presidential Debate, Oct 9, 2016 (~90 minutes)
(Trump says she belongs in jail)

3rd (final) Presidential Debate Oct 19, 2016 (~90 minutes)
(Trump reminds world of her criminality & looting of Haiti. Hillary reminds the world that she wants to take away people’s right to defend themselves from terrorists & others, in order to “protect toddlers from guns”, while she wants to simultaneously rip babies brutally from their mothers’ wombs just days before birth – by “supporting Roe v Wade”)

Whole Al Smith Dinner Uncut (~48 minutes)

Trump “Roasts” Hillary at Al Smith Dinner (~16 minutes)

Hillary “Roasts” Trump at Al Smith Dinner (~19 minutes)
(in which Hillary strangely states outright that Obama is a Muslim, something both she and Obama have been denying for years – but we don’t know why they’ve been denying it)


Anyway, I don’t mean to scare my overseas friends with all of this. We are doing our utmost best to avoid having a new real war foisted on us, at each step of the way.  With each escalation against the American population — first Internet outages, next economic terrorism (another financial collapse), then Electro-Magnetic-Pulses, then a shooting war, then U.N. tanks in our streets, & finally nuclear strikes on American cities — you will know how really desperate the bankster tyrants (who always profit from war) are to subdue the whole world. Obama doesn’t really care one way or the other, he just hates Americans. But Hillary really really wants WW III. They only have less than 3 weeks to escalate the war, though.

It’s really too late for them.  This internet thing is just revenge by Hillary Clinton for the likely upcoming win by Donald Trump, as well as by Barack Obama, who has extracted revenge on Americans before, by escalating TSA pat downs to full out molestations, the same week he got shellacked in the 2010 midterm elections.



Footnote – At the time this was written, Twitter was not available to confirm the article. Trump’s actual Tweet naming Trey Gowdy as Attorney General was originally posted on July 27, 2015.

Trump Tweet naming Trey Gowdy AG



Evidence Facebook & Google Are Cross-Referencing Your Life With Your Friends

October 13, 2016, by Suzanne
Proof of Big Corporate Brother spying

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The weirdest thing just happened.   I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, and in the right column under “Trending”, Facebook tried to tell me in this heated election season, that more people were discussing Honda CR-V cars than were discussing talk show host Joy Behar’s nationwide smashmouthing of Bill Clinton’s rape victims.

Sorry.  Bullshit.

This really shook me up, because it obviously was an ad, despite the fact I had not looked up anything online to do with Honda in years (you know how ads follow you around for a few months once you do that?), but yesterday, I had gone with a real life friend to a Honda dealer to see the CR-V she was buying, despite my having not known until just before we got there that she was not in fact buying a Toyota from the dealer next door.

So which is it?  Was the microphone in my Android phone surreptitiously turned on by Google, its “open source” operating system’s mother ship, transcribed, and uploaded to Facebook’s ad driver?

Or did Google surreptitiously turn on the GPS in both of our phones, see that one car followed the other to the Honda dealer, after knowing she had done some CR-V searches, and then send it to Facebook to feed me ads?

All that crap about Facebook firing its Trending goon squad, to give you real Trending “topics”.  Total Bullshit.   But worse that Bullshit.  Total invasive intrusive Bullshit.







Thank GOD the Age of Antibiotics is Over!

May 26, 2016, by Suzanne
CRE-MRSA - courtesy Washington Post

CRE-MRSA – courtesy Washington Post

From the Washington Post:
The superbug that doctors have been dreading just reached the U.S.
Thank GOD. Now we can say goodbye to so many horribly DANGEROUS antibiotics. Now Main Stream Medicine will have to turn to the safe alternative methods many in the alternatives movement have been using for years. Things like silver (which they’ve already been slipping into some of the failing antibiotoics to make them work), micro-current Clark zappers and Rife frequency emitters, both of which kill pathogens without chemicals and without harming the human tissue around them. Oh, and targeted NUTRITION, which boosts your immune system to kick bacterial & viral sh-t yourself.

Yes, friends, this stuff obsoletes both antibiotics AND vaccines. Search engines are your frieeeeeends. A new day is here. The grass grows up under the forest fire.



Why should anyone “fear” @realDonaldTrump?

March 16, 2016, by Suzanne

Some friends and relatives on Facebook were discussing the “dangers” of the Trump populist movement, deriding fellow train commuters who were obvious Trump fans as “b*ll touchers”.  I could not sit by and let it go unchallenged.   I had to speak up.

Stop fearing! What is there to fear? Here’s a really big question for you — What the heck is wrong, much less “dangerous”, about populism? What is the point of even voting if it is not going to be for a candidate who is on the side of the American population?

It’s been decades since we had such a candidate. Democrats fly around the world apologizing for Americans, because Democrats don’t like Americans and assume that nobody else does either. Then Republicans circulate endlessly around Washington and the pundit shows apologizing for not being Democrats. That’s sick sick sick. They are both siding up with Communists who by definition hate all things and people American, as well as with Radical Islamic Terrorists who also by definition hate all things and people American.

Meanwhile we have big corporations buying off all the politicians into making trade deals that suck the lifeblood out of working class Americans — just because by definition Americans are now fair game, because “everybody hates them,”. (Well, don’t they? What IS that term “ball toucher” if it isn’t a bit of habitual anti-American derision?) I myself have been hit multiple times my whole working life with my tech jobs going “poof” overseas. Enough already. A few trade deals that don’t export jobs so big multinational corporations can run foreign slave camps would be nice for once. I’ll be happy to chuck conservatism for a populist willing to name conservative justices.

Reagan was extremely popular and was an extremely good president (almost as good as Trump will be), precisely because he trusted the wisdom of the American people. He said so many times. He was loved because he loved us, Americans. Trump is loved because he loves us, Americans. He trusts our wisdom. He says so at every speech. (Cruz doesn’t say that. Hillary doesn’t say that.) Trump calls the rallies love fests and that’s exactly what they are. That is why the pundits cannot figure out how to undermine him. He shares Americans’ sense of betrayal at the hands of the sneering arrogant D-R conjoined twins establishment that is running our economy, sovereignty, and identity into the ground. He’s just the guy with the …hands… to take them on.

The definition of American Exceptionalism is that, unlike every other country in the world, even all the so-called “free” ones, the United States is the only country in the world where, at least in theory, the people are trusted as the boss and the government is SUPPOSED to work for the people. (Not the people being owned by and working for the government.)

Barrack Obama, having been raised in an Indonesian madrassah never absorbed this quaint Americanism. This is why he sneers and bypasses the people’s elected representatives and does everything by imperial executive order. It’s all he knows. After his madrassah and before his presidency, he sat in a twisted “church” and enjoyed listening to a twisted “pastor” Jeremiah Wright screaming “God Damn American” for 20 years. He did it without question, assuming it was the “norm” to hate, sneer at, and deride all things and people American.

Well, I’m done with that too. It’s been over 30 years. I want an American who at least admired Reagan in the White House, who loves Americans, one willing to rethink the blood sucking NAFTA, TPP, North American Union, the “please nuke us” Iran deal, the “please nuke us” N. Korean deal, and the NWO. I would love to see him kick the U.N. out. This is not “hatred” for anybody. This is just “it’s about goddamn time to stop apologizing for breathing and start being fair to Americans.”

What ELSE is a president FOR?

Ronald Reagan Farewell Speech.

Happy Birthday Mr. President.Today, WE THE PEOPLE celebrate your life and your steadfast conservative principles.

Posted by The Heritage Foundation on Saturday, February 6, 2016



@realDonaldTrump, What do you MEAN you “like the Obamacare mandate”?

February 19, 2016, by Suzanne

Dear Mr. Trump,

Now that the pope thing is over, radio pundits (at least Rush & Sean) are pouncing on your CNN Town Hall comment concerning Obamacare, that you “like the mandate”.

It seems to me you mistook the question as meaning a mandate for the government to take care of people, but what the Obamacare “mandate” really is, and which Justice Roberts wrongly ruled was “constitutional”,  is imposed upon the ~individual~ to force each of us to buy health insurance, and not just any health insurance, but health insurance that covers other people’s abortions and other people’s contraception, including that kind which merely kills the baby by thwarting implantation after conception, at the start of pregnancy.

My mother is required to carry such coverage even though she is 80 years old.

This is odious, and I hope you can reach out to the pundits to clarify that you did not mean to imply you support imposing a mandate upon the individuals to force them buy anything, much less other people’s abortions & contraception.  Some of us prefer paying out of pocket as it is, seeking non-mainstream medicine, such as new research in nutrition.

Just by doing nothing, some of us have been forced into a scofflaw position, which carries an IRS fine.

Again, this is odious.  If this is not what you meant by you “like the mandate”, please reach out to the pundits and correct them.

Best wishes, and God Bless You,



Open Fan Letter to @realDonaldTrump – fake applause & boos; raspberries & oranges; snakes & noodles

February 16, 2016, by Suzanne

Dear Mr. Trump,

Vote for Trump Twice, 1 Primary, 1 General

I am a huge fan, and plan to vote for you twice, once in my state’s primary, and once in the general. If the Republican party somehow manages to deny you the nomination, I will vote 3rd party, whether you run or not.

First, I wanted to make you aware of an article claiming the applause & boos at the most recent Republican debate were computer generated. The unnatural on & off was noticeable to us at home. We thought at first the audience must have been following signs, but a friend and I both noticed that the camera shots of the audience did not even match what we were hearing. Perhaps your own analysts could confirm or refute the findings of this article –

Breaking: Fake Boos, Fake Applause Detected During GOP Debate

Sunburned TrumpSecond, since you looked so sunburned at your New Hampshire victory speech, and as I am a person with white Irish skin living in Arizona who likes to read nutrition websites, I want to pass along a tip I use myself, that might also make you immune to sunburn — eat berries with your breakfast. It works shockingly well for me! (I went from burning within 5 minutes, to being able to spend over an hour in the Arizona sun without burning.)

Thirdly, I suspect CBS intentionally used that horrible violent orange-red background behind the Republican candidates to make them all look bad, and to set up the angry gut twisting atmosphere they intended to create. I had to actually desaturate the color in my TV set because it was burning my eyeballs, and watch it in near black & white. If you use any footage from that debate in any future ads, I would like to suggest you turn the footage black & white, or near black & white, so the audience can stand it.

Fourth, the claim that Planned Parenthood provides any “women’s health” services not related to abortion is extremely doubtful. The Washington Post did an expose’ last fall:

“The repeated, misleading claim that Planned Parenthood ‘provides’ mammograms”

In my jaded several decades in the pro-life movement, I have never known Planned Parenthood to provide anything not related to abortion or abortion marketing, such as going into high schools to promote the promiscuous non-family lifestyle with notoriously ineffective “birth control”. This is how they generate their “business”.

Please please please consider a new catch phrase:

“Repeal and Replace Planned Parenthood”

Finally, Finally, Jeb Bush’ claim that he is pro-life is laughable.  An article in Mother Jones magazine last fall exposed the Bush family’s involvement in Planned Parenthood, and in particularly Jeb’s:

“How the Bush Family Aided Planned Parenthood’s Rise”

I personally have never forgiven Jeb Bush for allowing the execution of Terri Schiavo while he was governor of Florida, without even attempting a pardon, but as a pro-Trump Iraq war vet said to someone sitting in for Megyn Kelly last night, Jeb Bush is a “noodle”.  (I love that line!)



Answer for Microwave Oven Haters

August 5, 2015, by Suzanne

Wow!  I just accidentally fell in with a bunch of microwave oven haters.  They were celebrating that Russia had banned microwave ovens…. a ban that was lifted in 1990.  (They hadn’t noticed, since they don’t live there.)

Here’s my take on it:

It’s nobody’s business whether I own or use a microwave oven or not. You are not entitled to even suggest whether I should own or use one. You are only entitled to an opinion as to whether  you own or use one.

Citizens of Russia love to play idolatry to their oppressive Government, and lay down and let it “f” them. Russia executes critics of Putin, too.  Should we celebrate that???

Thank God we live in the U.S. The government here tries to oppress us, but Americans fight back (as is our civic duty).

When ALl Ovens Are Banned, Only the Government Will Have Ovens


Pay heed, people.




Definition of American Exceptionalism

June 24, 2015, by Suzanne

American Exceptionalism means precisely and only that we are NOT the government’s “herd” for career elitists to “manage”.     “Freedom” is not some empty word.  Words mean things.

Removing patients’ & parents’ right to informed consent to mandated medical procedures is medical tyranny.  And in some respects, we’ve already fought a war, WW II, over that.  But here we are only 70 years later, and there is a federally coordinated push in almost every state to impose just that.

For anyone paying attention, vaccine mandates, and removing YOUR right to informed consent, are becoming an election year issue.  Pay close attention to which candidates have elitist tyrannous tendencies toward YOUR medical informed consent and right to refuse.

Ask them where they stand.  We already all know where the Democrats stand.   But the Republicans?  Dr. Ben Carson, chairman of the board of a vaccine manufacturer, stands to benefit financially, and has made the public statement that parents should NOT have the right to decline a vaccine that they think is frivolous, dangerous, or evil (such as all those vaccines that contain fetal tissue from other people’s aborted children).   Gov. Rick Perry got his slats kicked in by Texas parents a few years ago when he attempted to mandate by fiat that all little Texas girls had to get an injection of the sexually transmitted disease, HPV, called Gardasil.  Where does he stand now?  Gov. Scott Walker is mailing parents of Wisconsin newborns congratulations letters, packed with slick big pharma promotions “reminding” them to shoot up their babies with questionable injections.  Who’s paying that postage?  Would he dare mandate you offer up your baby to questionable science?  Ask him!