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@Politico, @SchreckReports, @Hadas_Gold, Of Course Trump’s War on Fake News is Real. You just don’t recognize the weapons.

April 24, 2017, by Suzanne

Re: Politico’s Trump’s Fake War on the Fake News

Sean Spicer surrounded by reportersOf course Trump’s war on fake news is real. Politico, you just don’t recognize the weapons.  Your absuuuuurdly long article (did we care about Gumby & Pokey on a shelf?) is just the inconsolable Politico sucking its thumb, trying to self-soothe over the Trump presidency.

Schreckinger & Gold can’t bring themselves to admit that the administration’s kindness to the MSM throws the MSM’s own irrational “Trump Derangement Syndrome” (senseless knee-jerk hatred of him), into ever more stark relief. The administration covers you with kindness, you ungratefully and viciously smash him in the mouth repeatedly in your articles, editorials, and pundit shows, your readers/viewers see the perpetual unfairness of it and tune you out, and you wonder why your ratings crater.

Of course the MSM is being played like a violin. It’s not a “phoney war on the MSM”. The weapon is kindness, and you don’t recognize it. This is classic Christianity. This is classic Mahatma Ghandi. It’s the end of the MSM, you did it to yourselves, and Trump’s down home Christian base is loving it. They see exactly what’s happening. Learn the word “Karma”.

Your long goodbye is taking too long already,





Just in time for Holy Thursday, A couple of Rabbis castigate Christians for ‘cultural appropriation’

April 11, 2017, by Suzanne

Just in time for Holy Thursday and the celebration of the Last Supper Seder Meal, a couple of Jewish Rabbis have decided that Christians worldwide should cease and desist their racist cultural appropriation of a (formerly) Jewish-only custom. Just forget about that Jesus being a Jew thing. Those 2 particular Rabbis disown Him (what else is new?), so everybody else should, too.

No, Dear Rabbis, not only are we going to continue celebrating Seder with Our Lord every week with the Catholic Mass and the Communion Services of all different flavors of Christians, but we are going to convert our Muslim brothers & sisters to Christianity to celebrate the Seder 52 times a year, too, whenever they get here.   You don’t like inviting former Jew-haters to love like Jesus did?  Who are the racists now, Dear Rabbis?





University of Arizona @UofA makes laughing stock of itself with new speech code, “oops/ouch” infantalizing hypermanagement of student speech

March 26, 2017, by Suzanne

I’m sooooo ashamed of my alma mater, the University of Arizona, making such a laughing stock of itself imposing a new infantile speech code that even the Canadians are laughing, when Canada’s own parliament has just passed a “motion” implementing Islamic Sharia anti-“blasphemy” speech code laws nation wide.

This new Univ. of Arizona “diversity handbook”, (archived here), wastes no time opening right up on the first page with a bulleted list of several bigoted (racist, sexist, Christophobic, & heterophobic) assumptions & assignations to the student body.

It seems highly unlikely that any of the campus minorities ever asked to have their concerns so trivialized and mocked with instructions for saying “Ouch” and “Oops”.

But we should acknowledge that historically there has been quite a bit of intentionally anti-Christian malice involved in the U of A’s campus scheduling for decades, going way back to even when I was a student there, particularly consistently squatting a raucous carnival named “Spring Fling” on Good Friday (a rather somber annual observance) every year, for many years running. There is/was no need or purpose for the U of A to specifically chase and target that widely floating date every year, other than the macro-aggression of intentionally insulting and spitting on the U of A’s Christian population, in the name of imposing their imaginary mandated secular (read: atheistic hate) religion.

It’s not as if Good Friday were some obscure minority observance from halfway around the world. To this day, most Americans still identify as Christian. If the U of A is willing to work with a small minority of men identifying as women, and women identifying as men, the U of A should be willing to work with the throngs of majority students identifying as Christians.  Not ignore or trivialize their concerns with instructions for issuing an infantile “Ouch”.  And “Oops” only counts for mistakes. I for one never asked the U of A administration for an apology over their “Spring Fling” scheduling garbage. One expects habitual kneejerk micro-aggressions, as well as carefully planned macro-aggressions, from sneering bigots in positions of power. Requesting an apology with an “ouch” only gives the bigots further opportunity to spit on you again by refusing you so much as an “oops”.

Don’t believe me about the U of A’s once imposed, now ingrained, anti-Christian culture? Try merely saying a benevolent “Bless you” after someone sneezes in a U of A classroom. You’ll be glared down by the professor, of not openly “corrected”. What then if if both students (the sneezer and the blesser) stand up and declare “Ouch!” at the professor?  Would the 20 page rule book meant for everybody else then apply to the elites?

I wouldn’t count on it.   “Oops” is for mistakes.




The Pope’s Superbowl Insult to Americans! Speaks language we don’t know!

February 5, 2017, by Suzanne

Oh, yeah, Papa Francis? Whatever you said to us American’s, I don’t know, because at least 75% of Americans, including myself, DON’T SPEAK SPANISH.

What an insult you’ve dished us. What continuous insults you keep dishing Americans and American Christians, including us American Catholics.

When you came to visit the United States a little over a year ago, you thought you were going to spit in our faces then and say the giant D.C. Mass in Spanish, but your own Cardinals had to twist your arm and say, “No, according to Vatican II rules, it’s going to be in the local Vernacular”, which in the U.S. is ENGLISH.

And now you do this. You just can’t stop spitting on the vast majority of Americans.   I don’t care how bad your own English is.   You’re the POPE!   For a message that short, use cue cards!

So let me be the first to answer your incomprehensible Spanish message, and return your anti-American BIGOTRY.

BOO!!!!!   BOO!!!!!   BOO!!!!!





Equating Paul Ryan to Nelson Rockefeller, the murderer?

May 10, 2016, by Suzanne

Today in a column by Pat Buchanan, Buchanan calls Paul Ryan the Nelson Rockefeller of his generation, because of all the dirty tricks Ryan is still trying to pull, delusionally thinking he can force Trump to march to the Globalist toady RINO agenda that Trump just ran on vanquishing, and overwhelmingly won.

Let’s make something clear. Calling Paul Ryan the “Nelson Rockefeller” of his generation is calling Paul Ryan a MURDERER.

Having lived under Nelson Rockefeller, he has never been forgiven by New Yorkers old enough to remember for RAMMING ABORTION down New Yorkers’ throats ON MOTHER’S DAY, in 1972, prior to Roe v Wade, by gleefully proudly and sneeringly vetoing the repeal of Abortion on Demand, after the NY legislature had been forced by the voting public to realize its mistake of having legalized it only a few months earlier. Nelson Rockefeller was a vicious little potentate, the voters be damned, and when the newly inaugurated President Ford named him as VP after Nixon’s departure from the White House, I was dumbfounded how utterly STUPID Gerald Ford WAS, and I predicted Rockefeller would try to have Ford killed, and indeed, that’s EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED. Nelson Rockefeller had TWO attempts made on Ford’s life. Thank God he was unsuccessful, and went on to meet his own maker dying in the filthy bed of his mistress.

St. Michael the ArchangelFord escaped 2 assassination attempts

Is Paul Ryan made of the stuff murderers are made of? He’s already made of the “Voters be Damned” stuff. I pray for the safety of Trump and his family every day.  May God rip the power out of Ryan’s hands, while he’s still young enough to detox from his arrogance and repent.




@realDonaldTrump, What do you MEAN you “like the Obamacare mandate”?

February 19, 2016, by Suzanne

Dear Mr. Trump,

Now that the pope thing is over, radio pundits (at least Rush & Sean) are pouncing on your CNN Town Hall comment concerning Obamacare, that you “like the mandate”.

It seems to me you mistook the question as meaning a mandate for the government to take care of people, but what the Obamacare “mandate” really is, and which Justice Roberts wrongly ruled was “constitutional”,  is imposed upon the ~individual~ to force each of us to buy health insurance, and not just any health insurance, but health insurance that covers other people’s abortions and other people’s contraception, including that kind which merely kills the baby by thwarting implantation after conception, at the start of pregnancy.

My mother is required to carry such coverage even though she is 80 years old.

This is odious, and I hope you can reach out to the pundits to clarify that you did not mean to imply you support imposing a mandate upon the individuals to force them buy anything, much less other people’s abortions & contraception.  Some of us prefer paying out of pocket as it is, seeking non-mainstream medicine, such as new research in nutrition.

Just by doing nothing, some of us have been forced into a scofflaw position, which carries an IRS fine.

Again, this is odious.  If this is not what you meant by you “like the mandate”, please reach out to the pundits and correct them.

Best wishes, and God Bless You,



Words Matter: Trump’s “Leverage” vs Obama’s “Existential”

December 13, 2015, by Suzanne

It’s fashionable to denounce Donald J. Trump for calling for a temporary ban on the immigration of “all Muslims until our leaders can figure out what the hell is going on”.  But I think this guy is crazy like a fox. We have pundits all over the place, on the right and the left, denouncing him, but then suggesting plans, worded in more PC fashion, that would actually do the exact same thing.  And he’s done something nobody’s been able to do for 15 years.  They know the jig is up, so suddenly mainstream Muslims are falling all over each other on thObama's Islamic Ringe national news, denouncing the extremist jihadis.   Non-Muslims can’t sort them out.   Obama won’t sort them out, and fires, sues, & criminally prosecutes anyone who tries.   He calls it “racial profiling”, but really I think he is kissing that Islamic promise ring on his finger.   So they need to be sorting themselves out.  Like school children. You threaten the whole class to find out who stole the lunch money.

Trump leverage quoteI’m sure if we were to read Trump’s book, “The Art of the Deal“, we would find a core philosophy – When the carrot doesn’t work, use the stick (or threaten to), to get the “deal” you want.  He likes to use the word “leverage“.

If you will notice Obama’s sickening nuances, he uses a term the Israelis use.  He says the terrorists do not pose an “existential” threat to the United States.  What that means is the existence of the United States itself.  It does NOT mean the existence of your sons or daughters.  He’s actually ok with a few hundred people being killed here and there.  You are supposed to feel comforted that America will still exist even when that happens.  Just live with it.  It’s the PC thing to do.

Certainly I am tired of an America that can’t sort out the terrorists from the pool they are recruited from.   As Mr. Trump says, “We can’t live like this.



Definition of American Exceptionalism

June 24, 2015, by Suzanne

American Exceptionalism means precisely and only that we are NOT the government’s “herd” for career elitists to “manage”.     “Freedom” is not some empty word.  Words mean things.

Removing patients’ & parents’ right to informed consent to mandated medical procedures is medical tyranny.  And in some respects, we’ve already fought a war, WW II, over that.  But here we are only 70 years later, and there is a federally coordinated push in almost every state to impose just that.

For anyone paying attention, vaccine mandates, and removing YOUR right to informed consent, are becoming an election year issue.  Pay close attention to which candidates have elitist tyrannous tendencies toward YOUR medical informed consent and right to refuse.

Ask them where they stand.  We already all know where the Democrats stand.   But the Republicans?  Dr. Ben Carson, chairman of the board of a vaccine manufacturer, stands to benefit financially, and has made the public statement that parents should NOT have the right to decline a vaccine that they think is frivolous, dangerous, or evil (such as all those vaccines that contain fetal tissue from other people’s aborted children).   Gov. Rick Perry got his slats kicked in by Texas parents a few years ago when he attempted to mandate by fiat that all little Texas girls had to get an injection of the sexually transmitted disease, HPV, called Gardasil.  Where does he stand now?  Gov. Scott Walker is mailing parents of Wisconsin newborns congratulations letters, packed with slick big pharma promotions “reminding” them to shoot up their babies with questionable injections.  Who’s paying that postage?  Would he dare mandate you offer up your baby to questionable science?  Ask him!





How a Christian Business Can Respond to Gay-Activist Targeting

April 17, 2015, by Suzanne

We all know what’s going on in modern times: angry gay activists who don’t really want their (faux-wedding) ceremony to be about love between soul mates (that’s why it’s faux), but about revenge on God for inventing the whole “one man / one woman” marriage thing.   They pick a date, identify likely targets, and start calling Christian businesses to force servitude in these temper tantrum demonstrations.  Then they sue, persecute, & prosecute the ones who in good conscience prefer to refer them elsewhere.

Well, I came across a wonderful article today, describing what can be an appropriate response by such a targeted Christian business, by promising and delivering an excellent wedding-themed product and service, in a very Christian way, and then donating the money to pro-family charities and lobbies.

small bottle of holy waterBottledWaterI would like to add one more touch: Using (bottled or otherwise sterilized) blessed holy water on all flowers and in all recipes, and on one’s person while serving at the event.  This will likely have powerful effects that can only be attributed to the Holy Spirit (read: not actionable in court).   Inform the customer of intent to use holy water in all preparations.   Fully inform the priest blessing the water of your intended use for it, just so everything’s on the up and up.  If he won’t do it, find one who will.

Miraculous Medal

I have seen abortion clinic workers go “inexplicably” berserk, when the clinic door was merely blessed overnight with holy water and a miraculous medal tossed up on the roof.  The clinic closed shortly thereafter.  I have also known a college student, who was uncomfortable with the trio of satanists who moved into the dorm room next door, who when no one was home applied holy water in the sign of the cross to their door.  That night, the 3 satanists had a big argument and all moved out.

So do not be afraid of enlisting the power of the Holy Spirit for defense in this culture war against Christians.

Best wishes, and God bless you, Father Z,