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The big Solar System picture of Earth’s History & Future

July 11, 2017, by Suzanne

Yes, this is true. The Maunder Minimum was even suspected of being involved in causing the bloody French revolution. Year after year the wheat crops of Europe were failing, so the other European countries learned to invent cuisines based on the potato, which had just been brought over from the New World. The Germans, the Polish, the Irish, etc, all perfected their potato dishes, but ze French, oh no no no, they would not give up their baguettes, and so they starved and went mad and started rolling each others’ heads in the streets.

What Marie Antoinette SHOULD have said was “Let them eat potatoes!”

I worked at the NSO from 1987-1993 analyzing the differential rotation rates of the sun’s magnetic features, and it’s true for several recent years now, the sun has had much less sunspot/magnetic activity than it ever had while I was working there.

OTOH, this doesn’t necessarily mean we’re headed for a mini-ice-age, because the sun is doing things now it did not do during Maunder Minimum. I follow several science channels on YouTube discussing solar system changes, and unlike past solar minimums, the sun is currently putting out MUCH MORE solar wind and much more UVA, UVB, UVC than it ever has before, and the UVC is even reaching the ground of Earth. (Without long sleeves, sunscreen, or adequate vitamin B-complex consumption, people are burning to a crisp.)

One channel I watch, “MrMBB333”, has people sending him UV readings from all over the world, and on a scale of 1-10, the world is now experiencing many locations measuring 11, 12, 15, proving that the phone apps fed by the NWS, or some corporation or other, ARE LYING to us, frequently chopping the numbers in half.

“Higher Truth Channel” and “BPEarthwatch” read satellite data and prove to us that we are now getting solar wind from a SECOND direction that also carries a lithium signature! What does that mean? It means another star-like object known as a “Brown Dwarf”, which falls in size somewhere between Jupiter and the sun, and which normally radiates in light frequencies outside the human visual range, is coming closer than it usually does (approaching its perihelion), out beyond the Oort cloud out there. (To be fair to BPEarthwatch, he pretends he doesn’t see the Lithium signature and says the 2nd solar wind is only coming from Jupiter, which in reality is not big enough to produce it.) But this 2nd solar wind is also hitting the sun, surpressing its sunspots, bending its flares, and peeling its corona off at times like an orange, through which the extra solar wind and coronal mass ejections escape, which depending on the sun’s rotaion, sometimes hit the Earth. CERN has taken notice of this, and in the last couple of years has proved they can weaponize this knowledge by drawing down much energy from the Earth’s natural magnetic field and shoot magnetic darts (Tesla’s scalar waves?) at the sun’s flares to actually cause coronal mass ejections, which then hit the Earth’s weakened magnetic field and concuss the Earth’s atmosphere like smacking and squeezing a birthday party balloon, — causing earthquakes at will. This was proven a few months ago in both Japan and Peru, and 10’s of 1000’s of people died in Peru over that. Oh, but the elites believe it was worth it just to prove to themselves that they are “gods”.

So what is NASA putting out in the middle of all this? Half-assed “low key” announcements that there are “possibly” 2 previously unknown planets in our solar system beyond Pluto, one about Mars-sized, and one at least as big as Neptune (another gas giant). Oh, but we might get a good look at them sometime after the James Webb space telescope launches in late 2018 (which might be way too late). In the mean time, if they actually gave them names, that might “spook” the public. In the mean time, the bigger of the two “planets” is shining its extra solar wind on us, causing all kinds of magnet helium storms in the solar system, feeding all that extra energy into the Earth’s core via its magnet poles, heating up and melting the carbon under Yellowstone, and causing a whole lot of extra volcanic eruptions and earthquakes all over the world. (Why should CERN bother anymore, when nature is now doing it anyway?)

The bigger “planet” is also gravitationally disturbing the Oort cloud of comets and debris, knocking some loose, which is why we’re seeing so many large body near misses of the Earth right now. In fact, one hit the Moon less than a week ago, and created an explosion that could be seen from Earth.

In the mean time, the archeologists have identified that the Earth suffers major cyclical cataclysms about every 10,000-12,000 years, that cause mass extinction events and wipe out human civilization every time, and the last one was, yup, about 11,000-something years ago. We have identified that the Egyptian pyramids are much much older than the Egyptians, the Sphinx is much much older than the Pyramids, the new megalith dig in Gobekli Tepe, Turkey, is at least twice as old as Stonehenge, and the Mexican pyramids contain symbols in common with symbols in the (pre-)Egyptian pyramids. A newly discovered chamber in the Great Pyramid of Khufu contains a starchart on the ceiling that shows the stars as they were 9200 BC. That means it was time stamped then.

And also in the mean time, there is such furius digging going on in Antarctica that John Kerry, the Eastern Orthodox Patriarc, and other big names of the world have taken the tour. Witnesses have come out reporting an ancient civilization was discovered flash-frozen under the ice, just like the whooly mammoths, complete with its own pyramids (pictures included), to say nothing of entire cities and pyramids under the oceans. All of this upturns “official” versions of history together with the increased likelihood of another cataclysm being imminent, which the elites “fear” will upset the rest of us before they can escape to their own buggouts, so they’re only dribbling it out in eyedropper fashion, hoping we never actually find out before it’s upon us. Of course, they can’t hide it forever if we ~don’t~ get hit with an asteroid, so they fear the backlash when we do.

Oh, and let me tell you about the constellation formation described in Revelation 12, that is taking form right now, and will be complete on Sept. 23, 2017, having never taken that shape before and never will again, as well as the 100th anniversary on Oct. 13, 2017 of the 3rd “Secret of Fatima”, in which Jesus’ own mother foretold a great cataclysm of the earth, knocking its axis crooked. Well, on Oct. 12, a really large asteroid will be “passing by” the Earth only 1/4 of the distance to the moon. Just one little nudge by the CERN Tesla-scalar weapon could nudge it away, or nudge it toward us. And seeing how heavy into self-godhood the world predatory “elites” are (intentionally killing millions of people with wars and weaponized vaccines in the name of “depopulation”), and how they think they can bug themselves out in the frozen Antarctic pyramids to wait it out, you know which I think they will do.

If this isn’t the year Christ returns to harvest his crop and take up his rule of the world, it might as well be.

Love, Suzanne

NY Times Reads My Blog, Flips to Birther Policy

January 19, 2016, by Suzanne

After 8 Years of ridiculing Birthers to cover for their man Obama, along comes a conservative candidate who might threaten Obama’s destructive leftist legacy, and the NY Times suddenly “sees the light”.


It May Be Time to Resolve the Meaning of ‘Natural Born’
By CARL HULSE JAN. 18, 2016
NY Times goes Birther on Ted Cruz

Senator Ted Cruz at a campaign stop in Waverly, Iowa, this month. He was born in Canada to an American mother and Cuban father.


In an open letter I sent the Ted Cruz campaign two weeks ago, I laid out all the issues, which Cruz chose to blow off.  Instead Mr. Legal Scholar chose to lash out and absurdly insult all NYers (myself included, as a former NYer).  I had liked him up to that point, and thought a Trump/Cruz ticket would work well. But not anymore.

Politics aside, this shows how far ahead Donald Trump thinks in figuring the angles — and how little Ted Cruz does, even when they’re spelled out for him a week before he steps in it big time.   Well, no thanks.  I prefer a president who can see down the road and line up his ducks.  Cruz should have gone to court, called for legislation, called for a constitutional amendment, anything in that vain, years ago.   He knew he planned to run, and he didn’t lay the groundwork.

No, he was too busy hiding and cowering about this issue, despite all of Obama’s troubles, because the NY Times et al were ridiculing “birther” people.  NY TImes says “Boo!” and people jump.  How will he stand up to ISIS terrorists facing our country?

Well, here’s the dirty little secret. It doesn’t even matter where Obama was born.   Obama himself confirms, in his autobiography ghost written by his fellow terrorist Bill Ayers, that he’s not a U.S. citizen at all!  He confirms he attended a Muslims-only, Indonesian-citizens-only  madrassa in Jakarta as a child.   And, we certainly know there is no documentation (or he would have had it made) that he ever even had the decency to renounced his Indonesian citizenship for American, the way Cruz renounced his Canadian citizenship.

As Trump’s a kind of guy who has now demonstrated (to us concerning Cruz) that he figures the angles and thinks way down the road, I don’t believe we’ve seen the last of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his eligibility investigative posse.   He and Trump have stayed in touch since those heady days of forcing Obama to fake a birth certificate.  Arpaio even gave a warm up speech at Trump’s Mesa, AZ rally.

I don’t believe Trump intends to finish his first term without putting an end to the chaos the eligibility issue causes once and for all, and carving the legal definition of “natural born citizen” in stone tablets, as his gift and legacy for our country, and for his grandchildren.





@realDonaldTrump Should Buy Guantanamo Before Obama Gives It to Castro Brothers

December 21, 2015, by Suzanne

Mr. Trump,

I know you’re a busy man.  I’ve written here twice before, (1) that I believe Obama plans to retire to Cuba, and (2) why he wants to close our Gitmo prison there so damn fast.  I believe he plans to buy the Castro brothers’ favor by unilaterally abandoning U.S. interests on Cuba, and cancelling the U.S. lease for our naval base there at Guantanamo Bay, not just the Gitmo prison, the way our second weakest president ever, Jimmy Carter, simply gave away the Panama Canal.  But unlike Jimmy Carter, there would be something in it personally for Obama.   Cuba has no extradition treaty with the U.S., so he figures he can retire there in complete “safety”, and re-create the island life he so loved in his youth, on Jakarta & Hawaii.

Mr. Trump – look at this prime real estate.   I would love to see you buy the U.S. lease on Guantanamo Bay, sublease the necessary parts of it back to the U.S. Navy & GTMO prison, and develop the rest in beautiful Trump style.  You could employ hundreds, if not thousands of Cubans, while preserving U.S. interests, and the Castros would love you even more than they do Obama.



Just Saaaayinn’    😉





Read This, and You Will Be in Contempt of Court

July 19, 2015, by Suzanne

2 crooked Arizona judges, predetermining a life & death case

Sinclair and McNally

And you have the proof, just by receiving this before July 20th.

Do you recall the Justina Pelletier case in Massachusetts last year? That was the case where a 16yo was confiscated and imprisoned for over a year in Boston Children’s Hospital because she had a rare genetic defect for which the big pharmas needed a subject to experiment on, Dr. Mengela style (she was a priceless specimen), for which they paid Boston Children’s (and the state of Massachusetts) big bucks. They nearly killed her before the national uproar forced Massachusetts to relinquish her back to her family in Connecticut.

Well, the media has lost interest, but this kind of thing has been happening all over the country, and two sisters in Phoenix with the exact same genetic defect were confiscated over a year ago by Phoenix Children’s Hospital. They have not even bothered to accuse the mother of any wrong doing. Phoenix Children’s and their sponsors wanted them, so CPS took them for them. Again, there have not even been any accusations of neglect or abuse against the sisters’ parents. These girls, which had been healthy weights (thanks to their mother’s non-stop efforts), are likewise losing weight and will die if they are not released from these forced drug experiments.

This is against the Nuremberg Code.

Millions of people are following these cases on several websites and Facebook. The judge has now pretended to order the mother to remove all trace of the cases from the Internet, (an order which the mother can prove she never issued), and deliver to the judge all the names, addresses, & email addresses of everyone who has ever read about the cases, or go to jail. This is of course, ridiculous and impossible, even if she had ordered it.

The mother goes to jail indefinitely as early as tomorrow, July 20th, a case that has been predetermined, as you can see from the attached screenshot (today being only the 19th).

And now you and I are in contempt too, for even knowing about it.

Even knowing about Arizona judicial CORRUPTION.

Shall we turn ourselves in?

Diegel Sisters' Court Case, screenshot 7/19/2015

Obama to Retire to Cuba

December 19, 2014, by Suzanne

People are scratching their heads over Obama’s sudden “normalization” move with Cuba. Why Cuba? Why now?  First, I’ll tell ya why Cuba. Obama kisses communist butt, because he was steeped in his white grandmother’s communist social life in his teen years. He loves all things Communist, which is why he’s letting Putin patrol the Gulf of Mexico (Washington Times), and of course he loves the Castro brothers and Cuba and what they’ve done for (er, um, to) their country.  But won’t Cubans be surprised when he also starts having our troops build mosques there, to recreate the environment of his Jakarta youth.  After all , he says there’s no sound prettier than the call to prayer at sunset (NYTimes).

Obama with Cuban hat & cigarWhy now?  Well, between Jakarta & Hawaii, Obama loves the island life, and I believe he intends to retire to Cuba, whether it’s before or after his term ends. He will certainly have to leave U.S. jurisdiction, because his Chicago-style crimes while in office cannot be “hidden in plain site” forever, and Cuba Protects America’s Most Wanted (Daily Beast.

It’s just a matter of how fast the two Republican Houses intend to catch up with him.