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Translation of Lennon’s “Imagine”

February 9, 2012, by Suzanne

Glenn Beck today is translating Don McLean’s “American Pie”, which of course includes the line “Lenin/Lennon read a book on Marx.”  Well of course he did.  It’s always been very clear to me Lennon’s song “Imagine” was all about extolling the glories of cold hearted atheism.    Here is the translation, so you can see for yourself:

The lyrics:

Imagine there’s no Heaven
It’s easy if you try

Translation: Discard God who is Love, Turn your back on Love, which is Heaven. Discard Jesus who is the human face of God’s love for humanity.

No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today

Translation: Believe the lie there is no such thing as evil. Therefore be shortsighted and never consider the consequences of your cruelty to other human beings. Only live for today. The future, and your children, be damned.

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do

Translation: Forsake your identity, you are worthless, join the commune/communist enslavement of the whole world (in modern times referred to as the “New World Order”).

Nothing to kill or die for

Translation: Stop believing that Love is worth dying for. You, in fact, have nothing to Live for

And no religion too

Translation: Foresake all paths to peace, all teachings of gentle Jesus, all non-violence of Buddhism, all Jewish relationship to the creator. Forsake all contemplation of any meaning in your life.

Imagine all the people
Living life in peace

Translation: Having forsaken all meaning in life, let’s all kill ourselves, for only in death is there lasting peace.

You may say that I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be as one

Translation: Come and drink the poison Kool Aid and die with us

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world

Translation: Pure Communism Slavery, confiscation of any thing of value you may create or acquire, no recognition that greed or covetousness are internal traits that are themselves evil, not the inanimate objects they target

You may say that I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will live as one

Translation: Come and drink the poison Kool Aid, be assimilated, die, cooperate in your own genocide, and leave the world to the elitists who want it all to themselves –


It sure is a pretty song. Lucifer, the angel of deceit, sure is pretty too. Miraculously, this song has revolted me since my childhood, and the older I get, the more it does.

I’m not saying all human beings should not act like the brothers and sisters we truly are. Lennon may or may not have had good intentions, shortsighted though they were (and hey, he was embracing shortsightedness). I am saying that rejecting the concepts of a common heavenly father and good vs evil, makes it impossible to live like we are all brothers and sisters.   I was horrified the day I saw a beautiful visiting boy choir sing this piece of Lucifer’s deceipt in four part harmony.  What short-sighted adult musical conductor chose that for those innocent little boys?




How to Save the Michael Jackson Concert Tour

June 28, 2009, by Suzanne

The disappointment is profound. On the very eve of Michael Jackson’s comeback tour he drops dead of an apparent Demerol overdose. I know the scenario. The very same thing happened to my father, except that he was in a hospital with the antidote Narcan nearby and an alert crash team right there, who resuscitated him and then kept close watch all night.

But Michael, the world was ready, the anticipation had reached fever pitch. One article I read said that all 50 comeback concerts had already been sold out. Of course! We all wanted to see what new material Michael had for the world. By the accounts of the LA Times, Michael was happy, healthy, energetic, enthusiastic, and totally in his element, on stage rehearsing with the dancers and musicians. They were set to board the planes just next week, to haul the show to London. He was living his passion, and I can’t think of a better way to live, or die.

But that leaves all the rest of us behind – the audience, the dancers, the musicians – with a profound sense of loss. The balloon burst too soon. To say nothing of Michael’s investors and creditors. I hear the investors alone had $20 million sunk into this show, which they stand to just walk away from. There is speculation Michael was $400 million in debt, that these concerts were to pay off, and propel him into the future. Thank God there is a rumor Michael had prepared 100 songs as an inheritance for his children.

But wait, before we tap the 100 songs, what about all the material, all the new songs, all the new dances, with dancers at their peak, to say nothing of Michael’s old classics ginned up for a new generation of new fans?

With the world of Michael Jackson fans now dancing Michael’s Moon Walk and Thriller in tribute, why walk away from the $20 million investment, and all these fans who were more than ready for his comeback?

Suppose, just suppose, we rename the Michael Jackson Comeback Tour to the Michael Jackson Tribute Tour, and ask LaToya and/or Janet to step in? Offer the money back to fans who want it back, because it’s not Michael himself, but I sure as heck would rather attend than not, and share Michael’s last moments with the world who will miss him so much. Even extend it further. Bring the tour to the U.S., film it for the theaters, and record it to DVD.

We all get to see Michael’s new material, Janet and/or LaToya get propelled into the future, and Michael’s children will be set for life.

Those are my thoughts on the matter.

My little Turkish banjo bedwarmer

January 8, 2008, by Suzanne

You know, I have been eying an adorable little banjo-mandolin in a local instrument shop for probably close to 3 years now. It’s an instrument that is tuned and played like a mandolin, but looks and sounds like a banjo. This one’s got a metal body and is stamped around the rim with the words Turkiye and Istanbul. It’s just so cute and exotic, and since I already play a bit of mandolin, it would be a natural for me to take it up and add some variety to my playing.

So over Christmas I received some money as a gift, and just this once, rather than play the Scrooge on myself and pay a bill, I let myself actually walk into the shop and buy it. It had other symbolic meaning for me, and I had waited so long to buy it, I even shed a few happy tears as I gave it its welcome-home drive. I think it likes me too 🙂

Well, that thing has been a lot of fun to play. It’s loud and obnoxious like a banjo is supposed to be, and my kids like it. My one son says it looks like a pot I could boil water in, and his grandmother laughed too and says it looks like one of those antique bed warmers. Hah! But they all like my playing on it.

Lucky me, I found it online so I could show it to you:

Turkish Banjo Mandolin

It’s really just the right size for a woman to play, too – barely 12 inches diameter, and the body is really deeper than shows in this photograph, giving it its metal pot look. It’s a working conversation piece, and I plan on playing it at an upcoming open band contra dance, heh heh heh… Up to now, I’ve been playing mandolin-style on a kobza, an elegant but not loud 4-string Ukrainian instrument. But now folks are in for quite a surprise because they will be suddenly able to hear me above the crowd 🙂 Yeah!

ABC Music Notation – How could I have missed it?

October 19, 2007, by Suzanne

If you’re a music fan, as in you play an instrument, play with other people, join jam sessions, and enjoy swapping tunes, I was going to say you’ll love this, but you probably already do, because I seem to be the last person on the planet to have discovered ABC ascii notation for music. This is NOT tablature. This is extremely straight forward music by characters that translates directly into sheet music & midi files, or can just be sight read directly.

I have no clue how I could have missed it all this time – oh wait, yes I do! Reading over the Wikipedia entry for it, I see it was only invented in late 1991, and released for general public consumption in 1993. Of course I missed it. This stuff is younger than some of my children. Like with the web, those were the years I was busy having babies and raising small children!

It is kind of funny how the web was born and grew up in the same years as ABC notation. But I can say I am almost as excited by the world that ABC has opened up to me as I was/am about the web. I can’t see how I’d ever live without either again.

As I have experienced in the last few months since being introduced to it, ABC notation makes it extremely easy to simply copy/paste a tune into an e-mail and shoot it off to a friend. Or, there are web sites now where there are literally hundreds of tunes available, just buckets and buckets of traditional (non-copyrighted) music, where you can go, search on a tune, and take it home with you with mere copy/paste. My favorite site, lets you search and compile a virtual tunebook. Then you can download the ABC file to your hard drive, or print off the sheet music of your personal selections right from the site.

My gosh — the power of this. I used to go to an Irish/American/Old Time jam session, write down a list of what was played, then go home and thumb through my books, feeling very lucky if I found a few of them. Now, as I did this week, I can just hop online, plug in my list, find almost all of them, and print out a tunebook customized to what was played that night, so I can jump quickly into the local repertoire for the next jam session. And of course, for the voyeurs among us, a free membership at TheSesssion allows one to surf other people’s tunebooks and see what they’re playing, say, over in England.

Then there are various softwares available – I like the quirky unusual interface of ABC-Edit, which is also free. With software such as this, you just paste the ABC code into it, and voila! You can play it back through your system’s midi playback and/or print out the standard sheet music score. Some really nice features of ABC-Edit are that if you have a tune with no chords written in it, it will “Calculate Chords” for you. It’s a little hit and miss – sometimes they are nice chords and sometimes they are not. I realize one can’t seriously expect a computer to actually compose music 🙂 If you don’t like the chords it makes, it also has a feature you can try called “Calculate 2nd Voice”. It asks you how far above or below the melody line you want the 2nd voice, and whether you want to reduce the number of notes, like for say, a cello line. You can experiment with that until you find something pleasing.

Here – I’ll pass you a tune I got from TheSession, and added a 2nd voice to with ABC-Edit. It’s a tune I’d been looking for the sheet music for for, since, no kidding, 1987. Today, after 2 decades, I simply found it and took it home by straight copy/paste. I have a little more tweeking to do to make it even closer to what I was looking for, but this is pretty dang close. (Hint – don’t read it. Play it back with some ABC software.)

X: 1
T: Loftus Jones
C: Turlough O’Carolan
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: reel
K: Amajor
|:a4 g2 f2|e2 d2 cd e2|cdBA A2 z2 |cdcB A2B2|
cd e2 de f2|e2 dc dcBA|GAGF E2 z2|ABAG F2 d2|
edec dcdB|A2 E2 F2 G2|A2 F2 G2 A2|B2 G2 A2 B2|c2 A2 B2 c2|
d4 e2 z2|dcBA GA B2|A2 ED C2 E2|A4 A2 z2 \:|
|:e2 G2 A2 F2|G2 E2 F2 G2|A2 B2 G2 c2|F4 G4|
c2 c2 B4|ABcd c2 B2|ABcd edcB|A2 G2 F4|
AcAc AcAc|AcAc AcAc|fg a2 g4|f4 f2 g2|
aAaA gAgA|fAfA eAeA|dBdB cAcA|BAGF EF G2|
A2 ED C2 E2|BAGF E2 e2|dcBA GABG|A4 A2 z2 \:|
|:A4 G2 F2 |E2 D2C2 E2 |C2B,2 A,2 z2 |C2C2 A,2 B,2 |
C2 E2D2 F2 |E2D2D2B,2|G,2G,2 E,2 z2|A,2A,2 F,2 D2 |
E2E2D2D2|A,2 E,2 F,2 G,2 |A,2 F,2 G,2 A,2 |B,2 G,2 A,2 B,2 |C2 A,2 B,2 C2 |
D4 E2 z2|D2B,2G,2 B,2 |A,2E,2 C,2 E,2 |A,4 A,2 z2 \:|
|:E2 G,2 A,2 F,2 |G,2 E,2 F,2 G,2 |A,2 B,2 G,2 C2 |F,4 G,4 |
C2 C2 B,4 |A,2C2 C2 B,2 |A,2C2E2C2|A,2 G,2 F,4 |
A,2A,2A,2A,2|A,2A,2A,2A,2|F2 A2 G4 |F4 F2 G2 |
A2A2G2G2|F2F2E2E2|D2D2C2C2|B,2G,2E,2 G,2 |
A,2E,2 C,2 E,2 |B,2G,2 E,2 E2 |D2B,2G,2B,2|A,4 A,2 z2 \:|


Gawhead! Dive in and try it! I guarantee, you will get hooked on picking, tinkering with (to make them sound like the version you know), & playing back tunes like they were so many pieces of candy, and then passing your favorites around to your friends.

Betcha can’t stop at just one!