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Hillary’s False Flag Internet Outage, WW III has begun

October 21, 2016, by Suzanne
Map of U.S. cities struck by Hillary Clinton's & Barack Obama's false-flag Internet Outages, 10-21-2016

Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama strike U.S. cities with false-flag internet outages, Oct. 21, 2016

So the war has started. Please do not believe for a moment that the Internet outages afflicting major cities of the U.S. and parts of Europe today are anyone but Hillary Clinton’s doing, (with help from Obama himself). I promise you, by the evening news tonight, they will both be raising the false flag of blaming the Russians, who have absolutely nothing to do with any of this. The Russians would have nothing to gain by it. Hillary, on the other hand, who is known for her raging temper tantrums – (and is known to have personally ordered the execution of Gaddafi merely over a petty personal vendetta, – because Gaddafi had supported Obama rather than Clinton during the American 2008 primary election season) – is completely behind it. It’s her pattern.

After the brutal back to back nights of the final presidential debate Wednesday night, and the millionaires/billionaires-only NY Diocese Catholic Charities “Al Smith” dinner Thursday night, in which Hillary was completely humiliated both nights, she just can’t take it anymore and has mentally melted down. This “Al Smith” dinner is where presidential candidates traditionally “roast” (that means tell jokes about) each other, but on both nights Trump called her the criminal that she is, and even on Thursday night, right in front of her face, he reminded the Cardinals and Bishops that Wikileaks has revealed how much Hillary Clinton personally “hates Catholics”. They weren’t laughing so much after that. Their eyes were popping out of their heads. Because they knew it was completely true. Wikileaks had spilled it days before, and NY Cardinal Dolan himself had even called on her to apologize for her anti-Catholic campaign team just one day before the dinner. So this internet outage is nothing but a Hillary tantrum on a world scale, to take down Twitter, which Trump uses so much, and whatever else happens to go down with it.

All year Trump has been bypassing the Main Stream Media’s filthy lies about “what a racist or sexist he is”, by going straight to the public via Twitter, Facebook, and his own website. Early today, before the outage, Trump announced on Twitter that if elected, he will appoint a particular legal expert and Congressman, who has been very vocal about Hillary’s crimes also, as his Attorney General (see footnote) (There is an abundance of evidence, so that means she will be going to prison, if she escapes the death sentence for espionage.)

So make no mistake. If she can bomb Libya and murder Gaddafi over a minor personal snit, there is nothing she won’t do now to shut Donald Trump up, including taking down all of Twitter for millions and millions of people. It’s her pattern.

The American people are too smart for this garbage anymore.

Obama has been waging economic war against the American people for 8 years now, and he thought he was going to just hand it off to Hillary to continue the war against us, on behalf of their mutual bankster masters who are desperate to usher in the New World Tyranny Order before it gets away from them, while Obama ascends to the throne of U.N. Secretary General. And well, it’s just not going so well for either Obama or Hillary. After this low-class low-tech DDOS attack (totally beneath the Russians but not beneath Hillary & Obama), they are both going to prison. Just watch it unfold over the next year.

Trump is aware that this is a civil war. So are Americans. Thank God that so far it is without bullets. But we are done with using a “nice tone”. Our enemies certainly don’t, calling us “racists”, “sexists”, and all kinds of other names used against Americans. For decades the sneering elite have depended on being able to knife their prey with a smile, while depending on their prey’s “good nature” to not have the nerve to fight back.

And now we are very late and it’s life or death for the U.S., so we are finally fighting back. We won’t go down with the TPP & TTIP. God bless & protect Donald Trump.

1st Presidential Debate, Sep 26, 2016 (~90 minutes)
(Trump is way too timid)

2nd Presidential Debate, Oct 9, 2016 (~90 minutes)
(Trump says she belongs in jail)

3rd (final) Presidential Debate Oct 19, 2016 (~90 minutes)
(Trump reminds world of her criminality & looting of Haiti. Hillary reminds the world that she wants to take away people’s right to defend themselves from terrorists & others, in order to “protect toddlers from guns”, while she wants to simultaneously rip babies brutally from their mothers’ wombs just days before birth – by “supporting Roe v Wade”)

Whole Al Smith Dinner Uncut (~48 minutes)

Trump “Roasts” Hillary at Al Smith Dinner (~16 minutes)

Hillary “Roasts” Trump at Al Smith Dinner (~19 minutes)
(in which Hillary strangely states outright that Obama is a Muslim, something both she and Obama have been denying for years – but we don’t know why they’ve been denying it)


Anyway, I don’t mean to scare my overseas friends with all of this. We are doing our utmost best to avoid having a new real war foisted on us, at each step of the way.  With each escalation against the American population — first Internet outages, next economic terrorism (another financial collapse), then Electro-Magnetic-Pulses, then a shooting war, then U.N. tanks in our streets, & finally nuclear strikes on American cities — you will know how really desperate the bankster tyrants (who always profit from war) are to subdue the whole world. Obama doesn’t really care one way or the other, he just hates Americans. But Hillary really really wants WW III. They only have less than 3 weeks to escalate the war, though.

It’s really too late for them.  This internet thing is just revenge by Hillary Clinton for the likely upcoming win by Donald Trump, as well as by Barack Obama, who has extracted revenge on Americans before, by escalating TSA pat downs to full out molestations, the same week he got shellacked in the 2010 midterm elections.



Footnote – At the time this was written, Twitter was not available to confirm the article. Trump’s actual Tweet naming Trey Gowdy as Attorney General was originally posted on July 27, 2015.

Trump Tweet naming Trey Gowdy AG



Create Wealth Locally.

October 8, 2016, by Suzanne

Eschew Globalist Slave Masters.  Create Wealth Locally.

re: “G20: populist politicians threaten global economy”

Washington (AFP) – The G20 warned Friday that populist politicians playing up anti-globalization and anti-free trade sentiments were putting the global economy at risk.

Lou Jiwei, Chinese Finance Minister, Slave Trader

Lou Jiwei, Chinese Finance Minister, Slave Trader

The article goes on to quote China’s Finance Minister & slave master of the Chinese Communist economy, Lou Jiwei, as if he were somebody worth listening to.  He’s not.

So You’re damn right, G20!  It’s game over!  The “global economy” is sh*t except for the puppet masters at the top.  For everyone else, it’s poverty in one country as their jobs are sold off to slave owners in another,  largely Chinese slave traders with (don’tcha love it) Anglicized first names, like “Lou” and “Jim”. It ain’t for nothin’ the communist slavers had to install anti-suicide netting around Apple’s iPhone factory in China, as well as their profiteering counterparts are doing under the Golden Gate Bridge in Silicon Valley.

You couldn’t pay me to own an iPhone assembled by slaves.  Nor could you pay me to eat shrimp anymore, now that the Thailand slave shrimp industry has been exposed, intentionally scrambled as it is into world supply chains, in order to force you to participate in evil.  Sorry, but I don’t like shrimp that much.


Jim Yong Kim, World Bankster President, marketing arm of international slave trade

So you’re damn right Americans are going to follow our British brothers and to pull up the draw bridge.  America is big enough that Americans can serve each other.  Like the already thriving small farming movement – “grow local, buy local”.    We’re going to do business locally, too.

Other countries can either emulate us and create their own wealth, or NOT, but the puppet masters sure as hell won’t be stealing ours anymore while enslaving our brothers & sisters overseas.



Create Wealth Locally.



That Giant Sucking Sound – It Was Globalists’ Economic Warfare Against the U.S. All Along

September 17, 2016, by Suzanne

1992 Presidential Debate
between Ross Perot, George Bush Sr., & Bill Clinton

Perot came so close to winning that year, that the Bushes/Clintons (whom he was running against in the above debate, making the same economic arguments Donald Trump makes today),  threatened the life of his daughter to force him to quit. This year, the Clintons threatened the life of Bernie Sanders’ wife.

Trump and his sons wear bullet proof vests wherever they go, I’m sure for the same reason. Besides his Secret Service detail, Trump himself is armed. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Wearing a vest would be too obvious for Ivanka, so I think she just keeps herself and her babies surrounded with armed guards.

I want Hillary, Bill, and Chelsea to all go to prison for the rape of Haiti, and Chelsea’s children to grow up prison orphans. I want Obama’s daughters to do likewise.

I want Bush Sr., who according to insiders arranged the assassination attempt against Reagan, to spend his last breaths in a dank and dingy prison cell. I want Bush Jr’s daughters and grandchildren to only be able to see him for a few minutes every other week behind glass, for the stand down order on 9/11.

Jeb’s a special case.  He thought he was going to put America through a presidency every bit as evil and slimy as his governorship in Florida, where the courts are allowed to run amok against old people, just so the state can confiscate their estates.  People might have forgotten the specifics of the Terri Schiavo case, but I have not, and they certainly did not forget how he made them feel.  Jeb Bush is viscerally hated all over the entire country, because he forced Terri Schiavo’s parents, and the whole country, to watch as he refused to pardon an innocent, handicapped, yet fully conscious woman, to a vicious Auschwitz starvation & dehydration bunker death.  I won’t get this wish in this life, but Jeb, I want likewise put to death by starvation & dehydration bunker.  After due trial, of course.

In addition to all their other crimes, I want them all tried for Treason: for the Economic Warfare they have intentionally waged against the United States on behalf of their foreign benefactors for my entire adult working life. Except for Obama. We can’t try him for Treason because he’s not an American citizen. He’s an Indonesian citizen. (Trump knows it doesn’t matter where he was born – it’s what he is now.) Therefore, we can only try Obama for Espionage.

Perot was very prescient for his time, but should have realized he was getting himself involved in a stealth economic war waged against the U.S.

Trump does.





Why did nobody notice the $400M missing that Obama paid Iran in Ransom?

August 6, 2016, by Suzanne

Why did nobody notice the $400M missing that Obama paid Iran in Ransom?

Well, the thing about cash, and where banks get it, where all government actually gets it (from the banks), is they print it out of thin air, and then add it to the debt of whomever approached the bank for a “loan”.

When you simply take out a car loan, the bank didn’t have that money before you asked for it. They printed it, or flipped some bits in a database, and then “loaned” it to you and then started charging you interest on it.

This is why so many people want the Fed overhauled (which is the black box that is chartered by the government to do this for the banks).

The fact is, they print enough money for the loans, so the economy has enough money to function, but they do NOT print enough money for the interest on those loans, so it’s all one big ponsi scheme. This is how and why they (intentionally) periodically bust the economy and “foreclose” on so many of the businesses and other assets (the TRUE assets) the American people have accumulated. This is the true method by which the mega-bank-connected rich suck up all the wealth of the lower classes.

It’s nothing but a continuous cyclical ponsi scheme, and taxes are nothing but a hoax to obfuscate how they’re doing it.

The very best 3.5 hours you can spend (watch it in parts) is to watch the documentary “The Money Masters” by Bill Still.

Trump is a fan of Bill Still’s. ✔

Get the DVD


I Want to Buy a Memorial Brick in that Wall, Mr. Trump

March 23, 2016, by Suzanne

Mr. Trump,  As I was tootling down Interstate-10 from Phoenix to Tucson for the Tucson Trump Rally, (because it was more convenient for my friend to attend in Tucson), on the radio came the old favorite Pink Floyd song, “Another Brick in the Wall”.  The DJ, a big fan of yours, was gleefully playing & singing with it.

Pink Floyd, The Wall, album covver

We don’t need no education
We don’t need no thought control
No dark sarcasm in the classroom
Teachers leave them kids alone
Hey! Teachers! Leave them kids alone!
All in all it’s just another brick in the wall.
All in all you’re just another brick in the wall.

We don’t need no education
We don’t need no thought control
No dark sarcasm in the classroom
Teachers leave them kids alone
Hey! Teachers! Leave them kids alone!
All in all it’s just another brick in the wall.
All in all you’re just another brick in the wall.

Then in the middle of your rally, as the ugly La Raza protesters were sending their own children  down the aisles carrying hate signs and even one wearing a KKK hood, I suddenly realized, yes sure, Mexico’s going to pay for it, but that I myself want to buy an engraved memorial brick for the border wall!

We need the wall, because without it, after your term(s) as president are up, any future president, could simply reverse orders again on our courageous Border Patrol and order them to once again stand down, and reopen the borders. By then the country will have realized that Obama was not acting out of “incompetence”, but out of intentional malice.  Lest there be a future anti-American president, we need a permanent wall!

Engraved Memorial BricksIt suddenly occurred to me, too, that even once the wall is built, someday the reason for the wall might be forgotten, or rather buried, as history revisionists are always hard at work in the world, even denying the holocaust ever happened, and attempting to force our children to forget freedom and believe a communist slave economy would be a good thing.  Just look at all of them who grew up to be Communist Bernie voters.

So when the wall goes up, I sincerely hope the opportunity to buy engraved memorial bricks for the wall on the Mexican border is made available, giving voice to the many thousands of Americans who have been victimized by the crimes committed by illegal immigrants, who should never have been allowed to come in without vetting, by the several previous administrations.  Let them go through the door legally, let them be vetted, and let the reminder forever stand, carved in stone, of exactly why the wall was built.



Why should anyone “fear” @realDonaldTrump?

March 16, 2016, by Suzanne

Some friends and relatives on Facebook were discussing the “dangers” of the Trump populist movement, deriding fellow train commuters who were obvious Trump fans as “b*ll touchers”.  I could not sit by and let it go unchallenged.   I had to speak up.

Stop fearing! What is there to fear? Here’s a really big question for you — What the heck is wrong, much less “dangerous”, about populism? What is the point of even voting if it is not going to be for a candidate who is on the side of the American population?

It’s been decades since we had such a candidate. Democrats fly around the world apologizing for Americans, because Democrats don’t like Americans and assume that nobody else does either. Then Republicans circulate endlessly around Washington and the pundit shows apologizing for not being Democrats. That’s sick sick sick. They are both siding up with Communists who by definition hate all things and people American, as well as with Radical Islamic Terrorists who also by definition hate all things and people American.

Meanwhile we have big corporations buying off all the politicians into making trade deals that suck the lifeblood out of working class Americans — just because by definition Americans are now fair game, because “everybody hates them,”. (Well, don’t they? What IS that term “ball toucher” if it isn’t a bit of habitual anti-American derision?) I myself have been hit multiple times my whole working life with my tech jobs going “poof” overseas. Enough already. A few trade deals that don’t export jobs so big multinational corporations can run foreign slave camps would be nice for once. I’ll be happy to chuck conservatism for a populist willing to name conservative justices.

Reagan was extremely popular and was an extremely good president (almost as good as Trump will be), precisely because he trusted the wisdom of the American people. He said so many times. He was loved because he loved us, Americans. Trump is loved because he loves us, Americans. He trusts our wisdom. He says so at every speech. (Cruz doesn’t say that. Hillary doesn’t say that.) Trump calls the rallies love fests and that’s exactly what they are. That is why the pundits cannot figure out how to undermine him. He shares Americans’ sense of betrayal at the hands of the sneering arrogant D-R conjoined twins establishment that is running our economy, sovereignty, and identity into the ground. He’s just the guy with the …hands… to take them on.

The definition of American Exceptionalism is that, unlike every other country in the world, even all the so-called “free” ones, the United States is the only country in the world where, at least in theory, the people are trusted as the boss and the government is SUPPOSED to work for the people. (Not the people being owned by and working for the government.)

Barrack Obama, having been raised in an Indonesian madrassah never absorbed this quaint Americanism. This is why he sneers and bypasses the people’s elected representatives and does everything by imperial executive order. It’s all he knows. After his madrassah and before his presidency, he sat in a twisted “church” and enjoyed listening to a twisted “pastor” Jeremiah Wright screaming “God Damn American” for 20 years. He did it without question, assuming it was the “norm” to hate, sneer at, and deride all things and people American.

Well, I’m done with that too. It’s been over 30 years. I want an American who at least admired Reagan in the White House, who loves Americans, one willing to rethink the blood sucking NAFTA, TPP, North American Union, the “please nuke us” Iran deal, the “please nuke us” N. Korean deal, and the NWO. I would love to see him kick the U.N. out. This is not “hatred” for anybody. This is just “it’s about goddamn time to stop apologizing for breathing and start being fair to Americans.”

What ELSE is a president FOR?

Ronald Reagan Farewell Speech.

Happy Birthday Mr. President.Today, WE THE PEOPLE celebrate your life and your steadfast conservative principles.

Posted by The Heritage Foundation on Saturday, February 6, 2016



@realDonaldTrump, What do you MEAN you “like the Obamacare mandate”?

February 19, 2016, by Suzanne

Dear Mr. Trump,

Now that the pope thing is over, radio pundits (at least Rush & Sean) are pouncing on your CNN Town Hall comment concerning Obamacare, that you “like the mandate”.

It seems to me you mistook the question as meaning a mandate for the government to take care of people, but what the Obamacare “mandate” really is, and which Justice Roberts wrongly ruled was “constitutional”,  is imposed upon the ~individual~ to force each of us to buy health insurance, and not just any health insurance, but health insurance that covers other people’s abortions and other people’s contraception, including that kind which merely kills the baby by thwarting implantation after conception, at the start of pregnancy.

My mother is required to carry such coverage even though she is 80 years old.

This is odious, and I hope you can reach out to the pundits to clarify that you did not mean to imply you support imposing a mandate upon the individuals to force them buy anything, much less other people’s abortions & contraception.  Some of us prefer paying out of pocket as it is, seeking non-mainstream medicine, such as new research in nutrition.

Just by doing nothing, some of us have been forced into a scofflaw position, which carries an IRS fine.

Again, this is odious.  If this is not what you meant by you “like the mandate”, please reach out to the pundits and correct them.

Best wishes, and God Bless You,



@realDonaldTrump Should Buy Guantanamo Before Obama Gives It to Castro Brothers

December 21, 2015, by Suzanne

Mr. Trump,

I know you’re a busy man.  I’ve written here twice before, (1) that I believe Obama plans to retire to Cuba, and (2) why he wants to close our Gitmo prison there so damn fast.  I believe he plans to buy the Castro brothers’ favor by unilaterally abandoning U.S. interests on Cuba, and cancelling the U.S. lease for our naval base there at Guantanamo Bay, not just the Gitmo prison, the way our second weakest president ever, Jimmy Carter, simply gave away the Panama Canal.  But unlike Jimmy Carter, there would be something in it personally for Obama.   Cuba has no extradition treaty with the U.S., so he figures he can retire there in complete “safety”, and re-create the island life he so loved in his youth, on Jakarta & Hawaii.

Mr. Trump – look at this prime real estate.   I would love to see you buy the U.S. lease on Guantanamo Bay, sublease the necessary parts of it back to the U.S. Navy & GTMO prison, and develop the rest in beautiful Trump style.  You could employ hundreds, if not thousands of Cubans, while preserving U.S. interests, and the Castros would love you even more than they do Obama.



Just Saaaayinn’    😉





My Annual Pink Protest

October 21, 2014, by Suzanne

Today is “Breast Cancer Awareness Day” where I work.

Used to be, every Thursday was “Bagel Day” at the office.  The company supplied bagels by the tablefull, until somebody started alternating the bagels with donuts. Ugh. The weekly heavy carb hit from the bagels had been hard enough, but escalating the sugar load to donut scale made the rest of the day practically unlivable. Apparently, somebody with health consciousness complained, and they tried rotating in a few Fruit Thursdays with the Bagel Thursdays and the Donut Thursdays. You bet when the bears arrived to hunt their bagels and donuts, and found apples, pears, and oranges lurking instead, there were some very loud growls. But when the fruit was drop-kicked off the rotation, the birds squawked equally loudly. So the company settled on Bagel/Donut Thursdays and Fruit Tuesdays. The weekly fruit has been a wise investment in the health of their employees, as people who had never eaten fruit before in their lives found themselves growing fond of it. They started squirreling fruit away in their desks, letting them “ripen” just a little more, so they could eat it through the week. Yay, there is help for teaching the masses healthy eating 😉

So, today is “Breast Cancer Awareness Day”. The company sent around and email & social media invitation asking people to wear pink to work, and announcing we would be served pink breakfasts. (Wasn’t sure what that meant, but we found out.) There would also be a donation box for donations to the American Cancer Society.

The American Cancer Society! Ugh, now I knew I could not participate, and even if I had pink (I don’t), I wouldn’t be able to bring myself to wear it. The problem with the American Cancer Society is that they know that mammograms cause breast cancer, but they’re still promoting them anyway, even though they know other better tests (for example: saliva test and blood test) are available.

Something is terribly wrong in the breast cancer industry. Could it be that other people’s suffering has become (gasp) profitable? I’ve written my company’s management a couple of years in a row now, expressing how pinkwashing is fast becoming a hotter potato issue every year, and that they might want to reconsider their association with it. Maybe each year, if they receive more letters from employees, they will back off. I can only hope so. I myself make it a point to avoid buying pink-labeled products, because I do care about curing cancer!

So back to today, Tuesday, 10/21/14. The promised pink breakfasts turned out to be a few large edible arrangements of pre-cut fruit on sticks stuck into balls of kale wrapped around styrofoam. They were beautiful, but they were not “breakfast”, and there was nothing left but sticks and kale very shortly.  As some people were left hungry, the company sent around an apology email, and ordered a huge amount of pizza.

The kale is still sitting in the break rooms. Isn’t that ironic.  One of the iconic symbols of the many known breast cancer cures, cruciferous vegetables, of which the humble kale is one, left unclaimed by all these men and women in pink shirts being so “Breast Cancer Aware”.

I just couldn’t help myself. I took a couple of huge handfuls of it, washed it good, shredded it onto a paper plate, wilted it in the microwave for about 90 seconds, and added it to my chicken corn chowder soup. It was delicious. There is plenty more, too, for me to squirrel away in my desk or the company fridge, for tomorrow’s lunch.

And I won’t feel carb-sick either afternoon!



Ebola Researcher Dr. Erica Ollmann Saphire Has Crossed into Insanity

October 9, 2014, by Suzanne

Dr. Erica Ollmann Saphire, of the Scripps Research Institute was a guest on Greta Van Susteren’s show “On the Record” today. The first 4 minutes were fine, as Dr. Saphire  explained, with the biggest grin on her face, how the Ebola virus takes so many forms that you practically need 4 vaccines for it. That’s all well and good. There is probably nothing wrong with her science. But there is something very wrong with her demeanor as she describes, with ever growing enthusiasm, what has obviously become her personal Lego kit, the Ebola virus molecules, to twist and bend and play with, while people in the real world are suffering and dying in the most horrible way.  But oh, at 3:55, she just can’t help herself.  She’s so happy that we might need even more vaccines as, with any luck, the Ebola virus might take even more forms.  Oh, the shine in her eyes!  The glint in her teeth!

At 4:00, believing her own PR about her intelligence, she then switches hats to typical amateur liberal economist, but you’re supposed to believe her because she’s a PhD (in microbiology), that needing a second round of NIH government funding for her would be, get this, so wonderful for the economy –

“This (Ebola) is a tremendous boost to the economy. If the NIH (National Institutes of Health) budget for a year is $30 billion, it generally makes $68 billion of economic activity. So 150-200% boost to the economy, from doing the research that generates cures…I mean, what other investment can you find where you get that kind of return?” — Dr. Erica Ollmann Saphire Ph.D., Scripps Research Institute, Department of Immunology and Microbial Science, California Campus

…because, oh no, the private sector would never fund this kind of (mindless endless) research!  Only NIH government funding (of her) on the taxpayer’s back will allow her to keep playing with her Lego kit to see how many forms she can make Ebola take, so she can develop a vaccine for each one.   Oh noooo, Big Pharma would neeeeever have any interest in developing a series of 10 mandatory vaccines, in order to thwart (or spread) the most terrifying disease known to mankind.    Not only that, but all this government funding (here comes that old tired and completely absurd Democrat leftist talking point) drives the American economy, and golly that’s just so patriotic (twinkle twinkle, sparkle sparkle)!

Why, lady? because you spend your take home pay on hairdressers and teeth whiteners?

Excuse me, but I’d much rather spend my hard earned money on my OWN children’s educations, toys, and business projects!  And gee wouldn’t the economy be so much better if people were not dying of horrible diseases, but they could do creative and productive work.  Ya know, invent things.

Yup, Dr. Saphire, ya stupe.   Ya fell for it.   Living in your bubble, surrounded as you are by <snicker snicker> elitist California academics.  You’ve let yourself be hoodwinked and lost touch with reality.  You’re Alice who’s crossed into the Mad Hatters Wonderland of Insanity, and joined the world of academics who are so out of touch, you pat yourselves on the back thinking you can make the cart come before the horse economically, while you devise ever smaller targeted bullets for a virus we can already take out with a choice of shotguns.

Sister, we are not waiting for your supply if needle-sized spears for our bear hunt.   The alternative health movements already have our (figurative) shotguns loaded with real  ammo that kills all pathogens on contact and leaves the human tissue intact.   It’s the end of Big Pharma.  It’s the end of endless research.  It’s the end of all infectious disease (which is a good thing, since the CDC has already declared we’re at the end of the anti-biotic era.)  It’s Galileo time.  (You do know who that is, don’t you?)  It’s out with the old paradigm and in with the new.

Put your ear to the ground, because we don’t really care how many ways there are to unfold your beautiful Ebola virus toy.   You’ll play and develop your vaccine series with such a sincere big smile on your face, believing you are about to save the world, only to find that real people refuse to take it.  You see, the government’s track record ain’t too hot when it comes to all the vaccine injured & damaged people we have already, from rush rush HPV and Flu vaccines.  And, well, while your nose was in your microscope, the world was saved from Ebola already, anyway.

We’ve got it handled, thank you very much.