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How Tom Arnold faked his video

December 21, 2016, by Suzanne

It’d be laughable if it wasn’t so sick. The MSM is drum beating has-been Tom Arnold’s claim that he has video of Trump saying racist/abusive things. If Tom Arnold has such a video, it’s only because he forged it for his cocktail party friends. Remember JFK in Forest Gump, folks? This is how they did it.

Movie software to make anyone say anything:

The public already knows Trump ain’t that kinda guy.

But now we also know that Tom Arnold is.




Don’t Mess with Programmers!

May 16, 2014, by Suzanne

Websites Throttle FCC Staffers to Protest Gutting of Net Neutrality | Enterprise | WIRED

If enabled on your server, all it takes is pasting some code into your .htaccess file in your filemanager!

How to throttle the FCC to dial up modem speeds on your website using Apache.

(Said to work on Nginx servers, too.)

Gee, will we see this deployed as an option in the next WP update?  Or as a plugin?

Holy Cow!  There are people already calling for a plugin in the WP forums!  :-O
WordPress › Support » Plugin request: Throttle the FCC to dial up modem speeds on your website – Nginx

For the ISPs pushing to be allowed to throttle high bandwidth sites (like Netflix, YouTube, etc), they would likewise have to pay their own programmers to do it.

pro-Throttlers vs anti-Throttlers.

Well, what if they gave a cyberwar and nobody came?  😉





Microsoft Skype has Google-Talk-Plugin Core — (Say whuuuht?)

May 2, 2014, by Suzanne

I’m between ISPs right now.  One has been turned off, the new one is to be installed next week.   In the mean time, I can get online through my phone, or I can talk, but I haven’t yet figured out how to do both.

So yesterday, to be able to talk and be online at the same time, I went to install Skype, because I remembered I had an account I hadn’t used in several years.  But when I did, it tried to force me to merge my Skype account with my Microsoft account.  No way.  I want nothing to do with a Microsoft account.  I had only been forced to even create an account a few months ago when I bought my Windows 8 computer from my son.  You cannot run Windows 8 without an account, which I think is pretty sucky anyway.  This attempt to force me to merge Skype with Outlook startled me pretty badly, because I didn’t know, or had forgotten, that Microsoft had bought Skype.  So I searched up the story, and sure enough found this 2 year old Forbes article, which had been written well before the NSA / Google listening scandal broke, when we were all still innocent naive babes.

Forbes 7/22/2012

It’s Terrifying And Sickening That Microsoft Can Now Listen In On All My Skype Calls

Really creepy.  Fuhgettaboutit.   I went to the Windows Control Panel / Programs & Features to uninstall the Skype, but couldn’t find anything called Skype.  What I did find was that the only thing I had actually installed that day, was the Google-Talk-Plugin.  Not Skype at all!

(Whuuuuuhh?)  Did they think we wouldn’t notice?

The connection between Google & the NSA and perpetual recording of all is now common knowledge thanks to Eric Snowden, but now we find a smoking gun for a trifecta with Microsoft too?   I am sufficiently spooked.  The author of the article above was wondering why Microsoft had spent so much money on the Skype brand.  Why indeed?  Microsoft already had the basic technology, in fact had been one of the first VOIP providers back in the day with NetMeeting, which I do remember had a bit of an awkward interface, so it had been an easy switch for me to go to Skype, as it probably for a lot of people.  But rather than compete with a nicer user interface, a new sexy name, and force its installation with Windows, it appeared Microsoft was eating crow and over-paying just for the Skype name.  Very weird.  Bill Gates might be a megalomaniac with ideations of world domination, but he’s not stupid in business with a habit of overpaying for something.  Why would he spend it if it weren’t for some unstated reason?  Where did that kind of money, $8+ billion to force the deal, come from?

Perhaps it wasn’t Microsoft’s money at all.  What’s bigger than Microsoft?  Why, Uncle Sam, of course.   But I don’t think Microsoft would take charity from Uncle Sam.   Instead, I think Microsoft was a shill buyer for the NSA.   The government is good at shill buying.  (Think Fast & Furious.)   Uncle Sam’s S.O.P.   NSA pulling the strings, and merging the Google-Talk’s bugging technology with Skype, under the hood, where you’re not supposed to notice.  Everybody would have scattered like pigeons had they known the government was Skype’s real buyer.   I sure did yesterday.   I ripped the Skype with it’s Google-Talk/NSA engine out by its roots.



Conclusion: Yes, Obama Adminstration DID plant Faceook Assassination Poll

October 1, 2009, by Suzanne

Friends sent me this unbelievable story this morning:

Secret Service: Facebook poll no threat to Obama
By EILEEN SULLIVAN (AP) – Oct. 1, 2009

— that the Secret Service has identified that it was a child who posted the Facebook poll asking if people would approve of assassinating the president, and has concluded that it was nothing but a harmless childish prank, “case closed”.


This is NOT standard practice for how the government deals with children who allegedly threaten anybody, under the Patriot Act. THIS is how they deal with them and their parents:

Mom says Patriot Act stripped son of due process
Posted: Apr. 29, 2009

Follow the case here.

I don’t believe for one minute there was any “child” we can just pat on the head and send on his way over the Facebook Assassination poll, nor that the Secret Service wouldn’t fully pursue anyone who merely voted in the poll. I conclude that Yes. The Obama administration (or its agents hired to find its critics in Facebook & MySpace) did plant the poll, and are now trying to make the story end quickly so we can go on to thinking about other news stories and possibly not notice that…

The President is a TROLL

The President is a TROLL



Did Obama Administration Itself Plant the Facebook Assassination Poll?

September 28, 2009, by Suzanne

Facebook is all in a lather today, because somebody posted a poll two days ago as to whether the president should be assassinated. Such a poll is of course, disgusting, and oooooohhh, the Secret Service is investigating, and they’re gonna get their criminal.

Oh, really. Then, what is that smell? That odor of mendacity, that is wafting through the air?

Look at these two news stories side by side, one from today, and one from less than a month ago –

Sept. 2, 2009
On Facebook, MySpace? Obama’s got your e-mail
White House spammer-in-chief wants contractor to track critics

Sept. 28, 2009
Secret Service probing Facebook poll on Obama

Look carefully. Take a minute to think about it, and suddenly a lightbulb will come on. Could it be? The president (or his own agents) had that poll placed himself??

What a transparant maroon. There’s a word for people like him.


(Lest these articles get scrubbed from the internet, I’ve saved pdf copies here, and here, and, oh, this one’s interesting, here.)

And the New Year brings Universal Vulcan(ic) Mind Meld!

December 30, 2008, by Suzanne

I swear the spiritual heavenly reality of instant mind-to-mind communication is rushing full force upon us. It can be overwhelming, but there are ways to lasso the volume and chaos and corral it to something manageable.

If Facebook and MySpace are too dizzzy bizzzy, cumbersome, and prone to crashing my computer for me, then Twitter is a lightweight little text-based humming bird that lets me fly and tweet without strangling me with boat anchors of everybody else’s sponsored c.r.a.p. tied around my neck.

Over the last month or so, I’ve been becoming more familiar with Twitter’s harmless-looking little web site, and at first you think what damage can be done in 140 characters, but whoa, do people’s personalities come out! And it’s quite addictive! You can even take it with you everywhere you go by piping it into your cell phone. If there’s no other reason I’d want a smart phone, that’s it. Besides keeping your friends and family in your pocket within a second’s reach (and apparently, Twitterers were a first source of news in the Mumbai attack), the really great thing about it is you get to rub elbows with anybody, and I mean ANYBODY. To explain it, Twitter is a method of sending text messages to large groups of people at once, and receiving text messages from anybody you choose to subscribe to. There is usually some overlap between subscribers and subscribees, but it doesn’t have to be 100%. There is some equalization because you can reply to tweets you’ve received, even if the tweeter is not a subscriber to you.

It’s incredible the fascinating people I’m getting to know. Some are famous, and some aren’t, but probably the coolest are the Pope, @PopeBenedictXVI, and some ~m~u~m~b~l~e~ er big name marketers and inspirational speakers. (OK, I admit, the Pope is using an American aid, but he’s good at it.) @BarackObama used to do Twitter, but, heh heh heh, the day after the election, the Secret Service Cone of Silence descended upon him and they confiscated the two rectangles in his pocket – his Blackberry and his cigarette pack. New presidents must sign off all electronic communication, first e-mail, and now Twitter, lest somebody archive it. (Used to be just the Nixon tapes we worried about.) Apparently presidents must also get all their news from designated CIA advisers, too. Ok, the Secret Service didn’t really take his cigarette pack, but it seems there’s no smoking in those government buildings’ conference rooms anyway. It’s funny but sad, Ol’ Barack has picked up 20,000 new Twitter followers since the election, and every one of them will be disappointed for 4-8 years.

“Somebody” else cool to follow is the Phoenix Mars rover @MarsPhoenix. The machine itself has gone to permanent sleep in the Martian winter, but the scientists are still tweeting with the science they’ll be doing for years to come with the data they’ve collected.

So please join the big party in the sky with me! Please follow me at @SuzCorner.

Moon Phase and Sun Face Widgets

July 12, 2008, by Suzanne

I came across this Moon Phase widget I really liked, and if you want one for your blog too, you can click on it and sign up free. The Sun Face Widget I made myself embedding an image of the Sun’s magnetic features, taken daily by the National Solar Observatory. The Code follows.


Current Solar Magnetic Activity

Credit: National Solar Observatory

Code for the Sun Face widget:

<!-- Begin Sun Face Widget -->
<table border="1" width="142" bgcolor="#000000">
<tr><td align="CENTER">
<font face="ARIAL" color="#FFFFFF" size="-2">Current Solar Magnetic Activity<br/>
<a href="" target="NEW"><img border="0" width="100" src="" height="100"/></a><br/>
Credit: <a href="">National Solar Observatory</a></font>
<!-- Solar Image by, widget by -->
<!-- End Sun Face Widget -->

Some Stuff is just cool 🙂

Genepax Water Car Company Developing English-Language Web Site

June 18, 2008, by Suzanne

I don’t think Genepax realized the attention they were going to garner from all over the world, or they might have had an English-language web site ready before their big unveiling last week. 😉

I myself was so happy to see the story of their water-powered car, that I jumped to the URL they had painted on the back of it, but when I got there… it was all in Japanese. Not to be defeated, I cranked it through an online translator and found charming references to things like the “life force of water”, etc., but it was a pretty broken translation, and I couldn’t understand much of it. I managed to navigate myself through their contact page, and after a couple of attempts I managed to submit a suggestion that they make an English-language version of their web site.

And voila! Now they are!

It’s underdevelopment at

I feel so loooooved 😀

For the pages that aren’t ready yet, gawhead — try one of my flags in the upper right corner here on it.

‘Til next time,


Water4Gas WaterCarPro

And More…

AXS, My Favorite Tracking System

October 17, 2007, by Suzanne

When first I wanted to know how many people were coming to my web sites, I found a lot of tracking systems out there, most of them for a nice fee, of course. Or, if "stats" came with a hosting package, it would be just "stats" - that is, aggregate information, how many from this domain, how many from that domain, what browser they were using. But that's not what I wanted. Maybe I'm silly, but I don't really care about how many people are using which browser, or how many come from each major ISP. I wanted individual information, where they were!

I felt strongly too about using server-side code, rather than client-side code, because you never know what hardware and software the visitor is using, and I've been crashed too many times by sites with whiz bang fancy Java or flash that was nothing but ornamental.

What I really wanted in a tracking script was one that would log my visitor's IP addresses, and not arbitrarily scroll the information off after a handful of them. IP addresses won't tell me who somebody is or what their e-mail address is, but if I do an IP Location Lookup through MelissaData, what they do tell me is what country somebody's in, and if I'm lucky what town or city he or she is in. If I'm really really lucky, maybe what organization he/she works for, too. If you're from a maternity & children's hospital I've never heard of, well, then I have a new lead to chase down with my maternity product!

In the end, the script I chose to use is inexpensive to free: AXS from Fluid Dynamics. It gives me both the individual data (including a direct WHOIS link, although I prefer MelissaData), including which search terms people used to find me, and it gives me the aggregate data I hardly ever look at, but I know lots of folks do like to look at. Unlike many generic "stats" offered by hosting providers, it also allows me to turn off and on tracking of my own browser (using a cookie), so that I don't skew my own data. It's a Perl script that installs in your hosting service's cgi space, and comes with instructions as to how to install it on each page of your site. A really nice feature is that you can use it cross-hosts, by installing it in a cgi-enabled web site, and then use it to track visitors on a non-cgi enabled web site that you've got (say on one o' them freebie services).

That is just the coolest thing!

AXS has been out since before Google has had its free and very popular "Analytics" out, and I tried installing them side by side on one of my sites, a Russian music balalaika orchestra site, but you know, I still like AXS. Analytics does give me what countries and cities people are in, but it withholds their IP addresses. Why should they? They're my visitors! Also, AXS doesn't push me with guides or advice for "optimizing" my site for monetization, when it's a non-monetizing site. And AXS is hosted on my own site's server. Relying on someone else's server, such as Google's, is hazardous because it could disappear (or the terms changed) at any time. (Believe me, I've had that happen in the past with a free tracking service hosted elsewhere!)

Happy Webbing!