Why did nobody notice the $400M missing that Obama paid Iran in Ransom?

August 6, 2016, by Suzanne

Why did nobody notice the $400M missing that Obama paid Iran in Ransom?

Well, the thing about cash, and where banks get it, where all government actually gets it (from the banks), is they print it out of thin air, and then add it to the debt of whomever approached the bank for a “loan”.

When you simply take out a car loan, the bank didn’t have that money before you asked for it. They printed it, or flipped some bits in a database, and then “loaned” it to you and then started charging you interest on it.

This is why so many people want the Fed overhauled (which is the black box that is chartered by the government to do this for the banks).

The fact is, they print enough money for the loans, so the economy has enough money to function, but they do NOT print enough money for the interest on those loans, so it’s all one big ponsi scheme. This is how and why they (intentionally) periodically bust the economy and “foreclose” on so many of the businesses and other assets (the TRUE assets) the American people have accumulated. This is the true method by which the mega-bank-connected rich suck up all the wealth of the lower classes.

It’s nothing but a continuous cyclical ponsi scheme, and taxes are nothing but a hoax to obfuscate how they’re doing it.

The very best 3.5 hours you can spend (watch it in parts) is to watch the documentary “The Money Masters” by Bill Still.

Trump is a fan of Bill Still’s. ✔

Get the DVD


No, @RealDonaldTrump !! Arizona is sending @SenJohnMcCain to HELL

August 5, 2016, by Suzanne

Open Letter to email@GOP.com (from whom I just received a fundraising letter):

Tell Donald Trump he has just ENRAGED the entire state of Arizona!!! Absolutely unbelievable for him to support John McCain for re-election!!   McCain is a PIG, who called his own constituents “Crazies” just for coming to hear a Trump speech!  Ever since McCain did that, and Trump defended us Arizonans from McCain’s ABUSE, I’ve been defending Trump’s refutation of McCain’s “hero” status ALL DAMN YEAR, as well as going to THREE Trump rallies, standing for HOURS, in the SEARING HEAT, and risking the rock-throwing by La Raza Mexican Cartel Racists screaming their non-sequitur “Black Lives Matter”!

And now this stab in the back from Donald Trump???

He should have kept his mouth SHUT on this one, AND on Paul Ryan, too, as my friends, Trump’s friends, in Wisconsin are disgusted now too!!!

As Donald Trump says, he’s the messenger. We voters are the message!!

And we are sending Saudi-Employee John McCain and Paul TPP Ryan on extended vacations. We’d send them to JAIL and then to HELL if we could!!!


A McCain Constituent who’s done being spit on by crazy old nasty NASTY coot John McCain,





Just why did General John Allen endorse Hillary Clinton?

July 29, 2016, by Suzanne

We know from the testimony, at the Republican National Convention, of survivors of the Benghazi attack, and we know from the movie 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, based on the book 13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened In Benghazi, of the timeline of the rescue attempt during the Benghazi attack, that a “stand down order” was issued somewhere in the chain of command to the marines and other military personnel, who had been positioned and ready to come in and win the battle, and possibly save Ambassador Christopher Stevens and embassy personnel Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods, who all ultimately died.


We also know from testimony of Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, that:

“Before the terrorist attacks in Benghazi, “the State Department not only failed to honor repeated requests for additional security, but instead actually reduced security in Libya.”
~ Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wisc.”

Sen. Johnson is the one on the Senate Committee whose question elicited Hillary Clinton’s infamously snarky nasty response, “…we have 4 dead Americans.  What difference at this point does it make?”   Well it makes a lot of difference to a lot of people, Madame Secretary.

So we know that not only did Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, make sure that the embassy in Libya did not have enough security when things were heating up in Libya, the security that Amb. Stevens had specifically requested many times, but when the sh*t hit the fan, a stand down order was issued somewhere in the chain of command between Sec. Clinton & the men on the ground – which means it passed through a general.

Here is General John Allen’s resume – linked, screenshotted, and pdf’ed.  I know what I think.  What do you think?


I think he had to endorse her.  Covering for each other, the way she and Obama do.




So, what’s the real reason John Hinckley was let out?

July 27, 2016, by Suzanne

According to Roger Stone’s book, “Jeb! and the Bush Crime Family”, the shooting of Ronald Reagan was arranged by dark operatives in the CIA, who merely stood up John Hinckley as a stoop with a pop gun, and then backed him up with a sharp shooter, and that John Hinckley’s caliber bullets never were the bullets that actually struck Reagan.  Why?  Of course because Reagan was too uppity, too populist, too willing to give the voters what they voted for him for, and the dark operatives wanted a nice Establishment guy, like the vice president at the time, George Herbert Walker Bush, in the Oval Office instead.

So now we have another candidate who is magnitudes more uppity than Ronald Reagan ever was for those dang “special interests”.  He’s openly promising to clean up government corruption and end the filthy green “special interests” puppet hands controlling all our bought off politicians.

And gee, didn’t that RNC convention go down just a little too easily.  Maybe too easily.  All those riots, violence, and chaos we were promised, just didn’t happen.  Why not?  It went down smooth as silk.  Trump even got a 6 point poll bump out of it the media’s not even trying to hide.  It went down far more easily than the crooked DNC convention is going down, with a brand new email scandal on top of the existing criminal one!  Yet Hillary is just over the top smug, because she fully expects the operatives will just fix the election for her, even though she is so incredibly unpopular.

And there is Bernie Sanders, taking a dive and leaving his supporters in tears all over the convention floor.  Well, maybe Bernie Sanders knew something he’s not telling us.  He sure took his dive as if his life is depending on it!


It’s true that Donald Trump is making nice with the RNC now, because he won the nomination with a “knockout landslide” they couldn’t rig, and he has nothing to gain by bashing them (right) now.  But there was a time Trump openly stated the RNC was just as crooked as the DNC.  They were just better at being more subtle about it.   Well, some of them were, anyway.  Not this filthy pig:


And there it is.  Hinckley’s name not so subliminally behind him in hot pink.   (Criminals get such a power thrill out of announcing their intentions, and then “getting away with it” anyway, don’t they.)

The man just paid 32 years of his life for being duped before.   Could he really be so stupid as to possibly fall for it again?

Warning to Mr. Hinckley.  The CIA dark ops are much better at it these days.  At every one of these mass shootings (which now have Establishment anti-2nd-amendment agendas attached), witnesses report, even photograph, multiple gunmen, but the situation is always “resolved” by the announcement:

“There was only one shooter, and he is now dead.”  

No mention is ever made of the additional shooters again.  Ever.   And if we press them on it, they call us crazy.

You are right, Donald Trump.  The RNC is much more subtle (sneaky) in their corruption than the DNC.  Remember “The Snake”.   Hold your friends close, and your enemies closer.  And wear Teflon.

Betting the Hinckley family is not dumb enough to let their son be duped again, the dark operatives of course will have other dupes lined up, for plans b, c, & d.

St. Michael the ArchangelLove and St. Michael’s protection over you every day, Donald Trump,


Open Response to @NFRW Commercial and Speaker at RNC Convention

July 18, 2016, by Suzanne


Dear National Federation of Republican Women,

I’ve been a registered Republican my entire adult life (I’m in my 50’s), and I have never heard of your organization before. I loved your commercial “There is a place for you at our table” and your inspirational speaker at the RNC on Monday …. until you flashed Gov. Nikki Haley’s face in the commercial.

Nikki Haley, Establishment boat anchor on NFRW

Nikki Haley, Establishment boat anchor on NFRW

I’m sorry, but I cannot join the NFRW unless and until Nikki Haley is no longer a member. She is a snide 2 faced bigot, and I cannot associate myself with an organization with people like her in it, who helped put the country through HAYELL getting the people’s choice for nominee nominated, rather than the “Establishment’s” choice.

I understand we’re all supposed to be about unifying the party now, but I do not agree with unifying with the leftovers of the CORRUPT ESTABLISHMENT. I will check back with your organization in a few years, after President Trump has prosecuted and incarcerated the corrupt RINO (and treasonous) “leaders” who have damn near sold our country out to the Saudi fascists, the Chinese communists, and the self-appointed foreign global elites.

Once the Republican party, and the National Federation of Republican Women have cleaned house of these filthy anti-Americans, then I can reconsider joining your organization.

I’m voting for Donald Trump, not Nikki Haley’s choice, ineligible foreigner Ted Cruz. I will be remaining a Republican long enough to vote for Kelli Ward for Senator from Arizona, AGAINST corrupt establishment, Saudi employee John McCain.

Yes, as an American, I WILL be holding a grudge against the greater Republican party long enough to clean out all RINOS like Nikki Haley.