Hillary to be Denied Step Stool? Not so Fast! #HillarysStools #LeaningStools

September 24, 2016, by Suzanne
Hillary has a perching stool crutch never far away

Hillary has a perching stool crutch never far away

The Presidential Debate Commission thinks it’s going to deny Hillary Clinton a step stool on Monday to accommodate her lack of ability to stand for long periods of time?

Not so fast.   Denying Hillary what she needs as a handicapped person is not only wrong, it’s illegal.  Can Texas Gov. Greg Abbott never run for president, just because he can’t stand at a podium for 90 minutes either?  Should FDR never have?

Mark my words.  Hillary will have a court injunction in place by Monday morning based on the Americans with Disabilities Act, will bring her own stool, and will dare anybody to stop her.   But to get the court injunction, she and her doctors will have to admit she is handicapped, and that the stool request was not about “accommodating the difference in heights” between the candidates at all.

Of course, if Hillary Clinton were truly handicapped and has trouble standing, she wouldn’t be wearing unstable spiky heels everywhere she goes.  Why doesn’t she use the “comfortable woman / comfortable shoes” standard she obviously applies to her Mao Tse Tung clothes?  Perfectly healthy women pushing 70 normally don’t wear such women-abusing monstrosities anyway.  Certainly not the mentally healthy ones.  Where is her ordinary “I’m a grown woman now and I’m not taking this sh*t” knee-jerk push back?

Get rid of the stupid spiky shoes, Hillary.




That Giant Sucking Sound – It Was Globalists’ Economic Warfare Against the U.S. All Along

September 17, 2016, by Suzanne

1992 Presidential Debate
between Ross Perot, George Bush Sr., & Bill Clinton

Perot came so close to winning that year, that the Bushes/Clintons (whom he was running against in the above debate, making the same economic arguments Donald Trump makes today),  threatened the life of his daughter to force him to quit. This year, the Clintons threatened the life of Bernie Sanders’ wife.

Trump and his sons wear bullet proof vests wherever they go, I’m sure for the same reason. Besides his Secret Service detail, Trump himself is armed. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Wearing a vest would be too obvious for Ivanka, so I think she just keeps herself and her babies surrounded with armed guards.

I want Hillary, Bill, and Chelsea to all go to prison for the rape of Haiti, and Chelsea’s children to grow up prison orphans. I want Obama’s daughters to do likewise.

I want Bush Sr., who according to insiders arranged the assassination attempt against Reagan, to spend his last breaths in a dank and dingy prison cell. I want Bush Jr’s daughters and grandchildren to only be able to see him for a few minutes every other week behind glass, for the stand down order on 9/11.

Jeb’s a special case.  He thought he was going to put America through a presidency every bit as evil and slimy as his governorship in Florida, where the courts are allowed to run amok against old people, just so the state can confiscate their estates.  People might have forgotten the specifics of the Terri Schiavo case, but I have not, and they certainly did not forget how he made them feel.  Jeb Bush is viscerally hated all over the entire country, because he forced Terri Schiavo’s parents, and the whole country, to watch as he refused to pardon an innocent, handicapped, yet fully conscious woman, to a vicious Auschwitz starvation & dehydration bunker death.  I won’t get this wish in this life, but Jeb, I want likewise put to death by starvation & dehydration bunker.  After due trial, of course.

In addition to all their other crimes, I want them all tried for Treason: for the Economic Warfare they have intentionally waged against the United States on behalf of their foreign benefactors for my entire adult working life. Except for Obama. We can’t try him for Treason because he’s not an American citizen. He’s an Indonesian citizen. (Trump knows it doesn’t matter where he was born – it’s what he is now.) Therefore, we can only try Obama for Espionage.

Perot was very prescient for his time, but should have realized he was getting himself involved in a stealth economic war waged against the U.S.

Trump does.





Hey @Breitbart @HillaryClinton @realDonaldTrump – @BarackObama aka @POTUS HIMSELF was the Original Birther

September 16, 2016, by Suzanne

Re: Hillary Clinton Campaign Manager Admits 2008 Birther Link – Breitbart News, Sep 16, 2016

Hey, for what it’s worth, Breitbart itself broke that BARACK OBAMA was the original Birther, having claimed to have been “born in Kenya” in order to sell his books.

The Vetting – Exclusive – Obama’s Literary Agent in 1991 Booklet: ‘Born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii’ – Breitbart News, May 17, 2012

And here is the archived Archive.org link to snapshots of Obama’s literary agent’s website quote, that from 2005-2007 published the words ” He was born in Kenya to an American anthropologist and a Kenyan finance minister and was raised in Indonesia, “:

Archive.org WayBack Machine – April 31, 2007:



We know literary agents get their authors’ bios from the authors themselves.

And personally, I don’t think Trump is done with this, because no matter where Obama was born, Trump knows Obama became (in childhood) and still is — and Indonesian citizen.




Legally Dead FBI Agent Found At Trump Tower With Silenced Pistol

August 28, 2016, by Suzanne

This was one of those things that if you blinked you missed it, but luckily once I was reminded of it,  I was able to find it:

Legally-Dead-FBI-Agent-screenshot“Deceased FBI Agent Barry Lee Bush Found At Trump Tower With Silenced Pistol”

The Clinton/Bush MSM has been trying hard to bury this story for 3 weeks, even going so far as to republish the story with an altered name and photograph, to try to throw people off the scent.  But we won’t be thrown.

Life as a legally dead person is extremely difficult, so Mr. Barry Lee Bush was obviously not stupid enough not to have known that Donald Trump was in Florida at the time, so it is likely he had another target in mind.

However, your humble correspondent cannot take any credit for connecting the pieces.   That credit goes to former Clinton CIA operative Larry Nichols, (who found Jesus and come over to the light after the Clintons started asking him to kill children), who pieced it together for us on his weekly radio show:

Bernie-stareMr. Nichols reminds us of the history of Ross Perot, who running as a third party candidate against (cough cough) both Bill Clinton and George Bush Sr. in 1992, suddenly dropped out of the race, ala Bernie Sanders, after operatives threatened to “crash his daughter’s wedding”, as in, kill his daughter.   The Clintons had been happy to have Ross Perot pull votes away from Bush Sr., and the Global Elites hadn’t cared which would win, Clinton or Bush Sr., until it looked very possible that Ross Perot could pull so many votes he could have won all of it.  And that, they just simply couldn’t have.

So don’t think for a moment Donald Trump was not/is not aware of all this.  In answer to a question as to why Trump never buttoned his suit jacket, InfoWars published in February that Trump always wears a bullet proof vest.  Obviously, Trump has had his jacket refitted since then, but this came as no surprise to me, as I had seen with my own eyes in December, at the rally in Mesa, AZ, that Trump is also armed.  I was in the crowd behind him, and as he leaned forward to the mic, there was the classic sidearm bulge under his right hip jacket flap.  If you also rewatch the video of the jerk who rushed the stage in Ohio a few months after that, Trump reached for his right hip, and later soothed the crowd by assuring them he “was ready for him”.

But I have also noticed how Trump’s sons Don & Eric have struggled with keeping their own suit jackets buttoned early in the campaign, but still available on video.  And who else noticed, hiding in plain site, that nowhere anywhere, can it be ascertained exactly which hospital Ivanka gave birth in, to the new Trump grandbaby Theodore.  Lots of pictures, fooled us into thinking we had more info than we really had.

The whole Trump family is taking their lives in their hands for him to run.  It’s all right in front of us, for those with eyes to see.   (We owe them all our deep gratitude.)


Ivanka has baby in unnamed hospital

So putting all the pieces together, and with the Clinton body count piling up even just since the DNC convention, it is not hard to figure out exactly what Barry Lee Bush was up to in Trump Tower 😥






Addendum: Respected journalist Bill Still does not believe this dead FBI guy story, but suspects it was a plant by the Clinton machine, because the source website “get off the bs dot com” won’t give a straight answer as to his own sources.


But plant or real, it still sounds like a warning shot across Trump’s bough to me! It fits the pattern with both Ross Perot and Bernie Sanders, if we read their situations to interpret threats to their families. Real or fake, it looks to me like Trump is aware of danger to his family (protective vests, and control of information as to their whereabouts).



Why did nobody notice the $400M missing that Obama paid Iran in Ransom?

August 6, 2016, by Suzanne

Why did nobody notice the $400M missing that Obama paid Iran in Ransom?

Well, the thing about cash, and where banks get it, where all government actually gets it (from the banks), is they print it out of thin air, and then add it to the debt of whomever approached the bank for a “loan”.

When you simply take out a car loan, the bank didn’t have that money before you asked for it. They printed it, or flipped some bits in a database, and then “loaned” it to you and then started charging you interest on it.

This is why so many people want the Fed overhauled (which is the black box that is chartered by the government to do this for the banks).

The fact is, they print enough money for the loans, so the economy has enough money to function, but they do NOT print enough money for the interest on those loans, so it’s all one big ponsi scheme. This is how and why they (intentionally) periodically bust the economy and “foreclose” on so many of the businesses and other assets (the TRUE assets) the American people have accumulated. This is the true method by which the mega-bank-connected rich suck up all the wealth of the lower classes.

It’s nothing but a continuous cyclical ponsi scheme, and taxes are nothing but a hoax to obfuscate how they’re doing it.

The very best 3.5 hours you can spend (watch it in parts) is to watch the documentary “The Money Masters” by Bill Still.

Trump is a fan of Bill Still’s. ✔

Get the DVD